Different Ways To Use Argan Oil

Ways to Use Argan Oil

Most people when they purchase Argan Oil they often think of just using it on their face. However, there are so many different ways!

  • I love mixing my Argan Oil with my lotion. Personally I like using Lubriderm but you can use any brand you like. I just mix a drop of the oil with a couple pumps of lotion. Depending on how dry my skin is, I either use the regular or light version of the oil. 
  • In some magazines it's advised to put on oil before moisturizer and other magazines advise to put it on after moisturizer. Personally I like putting it on after my moisturizer and eye cream. It's the very last step. Argan oil for me anyways, can be a little "slippery" so it's convenient and hassle free to apply it after everything. I typically like using the light version in the morning and the regular version at night for more moisturization. 
  • If you haven't put Argan Oil in your hair you are missing out on it's benefits! I notice with using Argan Oil in my hair, I have more softer, shinier, and smoother hair. I like mixing just a drop or two to a pump of leave in conditioner. If you use spray leave in conditioner, spray your hair first and then distribute the oil into your hair with your hands. 
  • I also love rubbing Argan Oil in my cuticles. It's my very last step in my skincare routine so that it's the last thing my hands touch before it dries. I usually let it dry as I am brushing my teeth. That usually is enough time (2 minutes). Rubbing oil into my cuticles I notice they are softer and not as dry.
Other ways as well: 
- Mixing the oil with your eye cream. Use very little.
- Mixing Argan Oil with your foot cream or hand cream.
- Instead of putting it on your face after moisturizing, mix it with your toner.
- Mix Argan Oil into your face mask.
- Taking a bath? Mix it with your bath salts or soap/liquid.

You can use Argan Oil in so many different ways. I love using it. It's also a money saver too as you can use it for multitude of things. On QVC they always have specials on their Josie Maran Argan Oil and sometimes they have super sizes on special!

Do you use Argan Oil and if so, how so?

What to Wear: Disney World in the Fall

Disney World in the Fall

The best time to visit Disney World is during the fall/winter. Minus Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Disney World is not that crowded as other times of the year. Also, prices are significantly lower.
However, that means that you will be traveling during a time when the weather can vary. Living here, I can attest that one day it will be in the mid 70s and then the next it will be chilly and rainy in the 60s. So, you must come prepared if you are planning a fall/winter vacation to Disney World.

If you have never been to this theme park, most of it is outdoors. There is not a lot of shelter, except for the  little stores throughout the parks. I remember it raining while there, and we had to stand in a small store for 30 minutes. Also, in the Animal Kingdom there is not a lot of shelter. Most of it is outdoors. So be aware of the weather if you are planning a day out there.

Like most people, people hop park to park or visit just one all day. It's essential that you have comfortable shoes or otherwise your feet will not be happy. I love my Sperry's and they are super comfortable. When walking around all day, all I think about is being comfortable. Think about cotton materials and stretchable pants or shorts. You don't want to feel restricted at all. Boyfriend jeans are the best during the fall because they provide just enough warmth but not overly too warm. And they are comfy!
Remember to take a sweater cardigan with you in the morning - as it is a little chilly (it can be in the low 50s in the morning sometimes). By the afternoon however, it's in the high 60s to low 70s. So make sure to wear a light t-shirt underneath.
The bag of this season is the backpack.You will love using it at Disney World. Your hands will be free, safe and secure while you go on the rides!

Have you been to Disney World/Land during the fall/winter? If so, what did you wear?

NYFW Spring 2015 Favorites So Far

Tory Burch

Tory Burch's collection hit the note of the '60s perfectly. I love the relaxed yet preppy and classic put together look. The dress in the middle would be perfect for cocktails or dinner night out with friends/hubby. I have seen the sweater over the flowy skirt before and I kind of like the contrasting look. It's modern but still girly and fun. 

Oscar De La Renta 

Oscar De La Renta's designs always teaches me on how to dress like a lady. This collection is no exception. I love the floral prints with the ladylike midi dresses. The gown on the far left is just stunning. Perfect for a special occasion and could even double as a wedding dress for those that dare to wear black!
Oh, can I please have that floral jacket pronto?

Monique Lhuillier 

Monique's collections always make me think of my inner girly girl. Her collections always make me want to dress up in feminine dresses and skirts. Very inspiring! These dresses would be perfect for prom or that special occasion. You could even wear that pink dress to a formal wedding! 

Polo Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren launched a new line this year, Polo Ralph Lauren. It's geared more to the trendier, younger crowd that likes the sporty look but doesn't want to go all traditional. 
I adore the look on the left. I have some polo shirts and this makes me want to pair mine with a flowy maxi skirt like above. Very cute idea! Again on the right with the sweater over the flowy skirt. I like that he added a hat to make the look more interesting and youthful. I kind of want to try this look, I just need the hat! 

Michael Kors

You all know Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers. So I was kind of excited to look at his collection immediately after it presented on style.com. 
I was blown away with the styling he did for his spring collection. It's very ladylike, preppy, chic, and classic. I love the midi skirt with the crop top on the very right. The dress on the far right reminds me of what a 50s girl would wear to a picnic at the park. But these vintage looks are done with a touch of modern flare which I love. 
Oh, did I mention the gorgeous bright yellow rain jacket? Um, someone please order this for me. How fun! 

So there you have it, my favorites so far from NYFW! I will wrap up my favorites from today and tomorrow on the blog early next week.

What collections have been your favorite so far from NYFW Spring 2015?


My Favorite Celebrity Looks- Week of August 24th

From left to right: Rosie Hunington-Whiteley, Kate Mara, Emma Stone

Rosie is sporting a Burberry Prorsum Cape, Paige Denim, and Christian Louboutin boots. Rosie's look has to be my most favorite look out of the three. It looks so cozy and warm. Capes are the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. If you need some waist definition, pick a cape with a waist tie. If anybody can pull off a over-sized cape like the one above, Rosie can. Love the boots too!

Kate in Miu Miu. She looks oh so 60's in this outfit and I just adore it! With all the sparkle and embellishments, it makes the perfect party dress. I also like that she decided to wear nude accessories to keep the attention on the dress. Truly a gorgeous look for the red carpet.

Emma Stone in Valentino. Emma has the perfect figure to pull off this deep plunging neckline. She looks absolutely stunning in this dress. The shade of green looks amazing against her red hair and pale skin. I think she could of done something more with the hair though, curled it or something. It looks a little too dry in my opinion. However, she looks incredible in this gown.

What celebrity look was your favorite this last week?


Outfit of the Day: New Dooney and Bourke Bag

Outfit Details: Blazer, Jeans and Shirt- New York and Company; Shoes- Victoria's Secret; Handbag- Dooney and Bourke via QVC; Watch- Marc Jacobs; Bracelet- Michael Kors

If you have seen my post on my fall wish list (if not, you can see it HERE) last week you know that I was on the hunt for a dark green bag. Again, I went to Dooney and Bourke to find the bag I wanted. They have been a hit since I purchased my first bag from them in April. It has held up pretty well and still looks like new. 

This particular bag is on clearance and at the time it was offered on Easy Pay. A girl's best friend I tell you when you don't want to fork out a ton of money. Picture's do not do it justice. It's a gorgeous bag in person. Plenty of room too. I can see this bag being in my wardrobe for many years to come!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!