Day Trip To Disney World: Hollywood Studios

Wearing: Top- Target, Leggings- Hollister, Bag- Dooney and Bourke (via Disney Store) 

The above show is the Fantasia show. It was an amazing show and well performed. I highly recommend to go see it, especially late at night when it's very dark!

Gluten Free Macaroons? Yes please! Disney World is very accommodating to those with specific dietary needs. I had a Greek salad for lunch at the Hollywood Studio's lunch cafe. It's located outside near the hat above. They made my salad in a separate area of the kitchen, made sure to use all gluten free items, and made sure I was happy with my food after eating it.
The bakery item was at the Writer's Cafe. They only had two selections for gluten free- the macaroons and toffee bar. This was my first time actually eating a macaroon and I am in love with them!
The bakery associates were very nice and assured me that the items were baked in a separate baking area. Also, they showed me the ingredients so that I was positive it was gluten free. What great service!

We also saw Beauty and the Beast show. It's only about 30 minutes long but they covered most of the story line. It was very adorable and well done! It was probably my most favorite show of the day. The actor and actress who played Belle and the Beast did an amazing job!

We also saw the Indiana Jones show. I didn't get any pictures as it was hard getting pictures of them in action. It was a fun show, and they played all the classic parts of the films. I recommend seeing that show as well if you go. FYI- the shows times are usually the same every day and you can get fast passes for them. I would only recommend getting a fast past for Fantasia as the seats fill out fast!!

My favorite rides that I recommend going on are:

Rock and Roller Coaster Staring Aerosmith - It's the most roller coaster type ride there and you even go upside down!
Star Tours- This was actually quite fun! I didn't find it thrilling or anything like a roller coaster. It's like a 3D simulator of riding a spaceship. Don't worry about motion sickness, as I am a suffer of this and I didn't have a problem!
Tower of Terror - If you do not like heights, I do not recommend this. They bring you up several stories high and drop you down, up again and the down again. I think they did this 5 times - so don't eat anything heavy beforehand!

Such a fun day!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well! :)

A Day in the Life of a Gluten Free Diet

This last year I started to experience not so good digestive symptoms that I eventually correlated to Gluten in my diet. In the past years I also would experience these symptoms but not till this year did they start appearing more than ever.

What are these symptoms may you ask? After eating products with gluten in them (I will get to that shortly), I would have an upset stomach. You could hear my stomach churning. Also, I would experience bloating. By the end of the day, I sometimes "ballooned" up to 2 dress sizes. It's not cool looking like your 2-4 mos pregnant when you're not. I also felt heavy and discomfort in my stomach. I would feel tired as well after meals (much like you would after eating a Thanksgiving dinner).

With a lot of research I decided to try a gluten free diet to see if gluten was the root cause of my problems. After only 3 days, I felt 5x better. By the end of the week I felt 10X better. I had no stomach aches at all for the whole week. I experienced no bloating, felt even lighter! And best of all more energetic and clear.

In the last few years, gluten free diets became really popular. Especially, with celebrities trying to loose a ton of weight. But, you never heard what gluten can really do to the body. Celiac disease is not that common actually. Most people tend to have a gluten sensitivity more than anything. Celiac is a really disabiliating condition. However, more and more people are going down the Gluten Free diet road because of health reasons. Did you know there is triple the amount of Gluten in our foods than 100 years ago? Crazy! No wonder our bodies are going- "hey what is this"?

Here is a break down of what I typically eat during the day:


With the symptoms I mentioned above, one of the symptoms is unexplained weight gain. I work out, I eat generally healthy so I had no idea where all of a sudden I gained 10 lbs! And, no I am not pregnant.
I researched a ton on protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. I wanted one that would not give me jitters, was natural, had low sugar, and high protein. Also, affordable was on the list!
I was recommended to check out I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of products that were gluten free, vegan, and good for you!
This shake only has 2 g of sugar, 24 g of protein, and 15 g of carbohydrates. So not too bad! I was sceptical at first, but after having it I was like, "this is good!". It tastes just like a milk chocolate shake. It kept me full for a good 4 hours. The 1 lb costs $15.95.

After I loose my weight, I will likely get a typical whey protein shake.

The pictures above are typical snacks I will eat. Fruit is naturally gluten free. So I have been eating a lot of fruit and veggies! Plus, I love fruit.  Fresh and naturally sweet!

The smoothie is a tropical smoothie. Just a few simple ingredients! Frozen tropical fruits, gluten free Greek Yogurt, and Orange Juice! It's quite tasty and has kind of a yogurt texture. Love it!

For lunch I love eating a salad. It fills me up pretty quickly. It's hard to see the feta cheese and almonds in there, but they are in there. I also enjoy adding onions and celery to the salad. For a side, I will have either a apple or pear.

One thing to remember, salad dressings have gluten in them. You will likely need to go to a health food store like Whole Foods to find gluten free salad dressing that's natural and good for you. I found this salad dressing from Walden Farms on Vitacost. It tastes just like ranch dressing! It's not as thick and creamy however, but I like it that way. It's essentially made out of vinegar and seasoning.

For dinner, this is just one of the many meals I cook. I love pasta, and on a gluten free diet you have to give up that delicious wheat filled goodness. Now, Ancient Harvest from Vitacost makes a gluten free pasta made out of corn and quinoa. It's absolutely delicious and tastes just like pasta! I pair it with organic tomato sauce.

Other gluten free dinners I eat: Gluten free pizza, pancakes, stir fry (brown rice w/veggies), omelets (egg whites with veggies), or gluten free cereal if I am lazy. Can you tell I like breakfast? haha

Here is a typical rundown of what you can eat and can't eat:

Image via Pinterest

Remember, you can always find gluten free alternatives for the run section! :)

Anyways, for those that are experiencing the same symptoms, let me tell you, you don't have to feel that way anymore. Eliminating gluten from your diet will make you feel so much better. Also, it's just generally healthier!

Are you gluten sensitive? If so, what do you cook?

Note: Vitacost did not pay me to advertise them, I just like their website! :)

50s Halloween

50s Halloween

Halloween is a short couple weeks away. It's time to start planning that outfit! If you are working during the day and then going to a party at night, and need a outfit that's easy to transition from work to party; the 50s is easy to create! Also it's work friendly so you won't feel too out of place. Just keep it modern by wearing a pink nude lip during the day, flats for footwear, and a structured tote. Keep the pearls for the party.

For the party I love a vintage inspired dress with a feminine coat like above. Pair with Mary Jane pumps and don't forget that clutch and red lips! Pearls are optional but I think they add to the vintage touch.

What are you planning on wearing for Halloween?

Day Trip to St. Augustine Florida

What I am wearing: Top- JCrew factory, Shorts- Victoria's Secret, Shoes- Minnetonka, Sunglasses- Jimmy Choo

This weekend we decided to take the Saturday to go visit St. Augustine. We only live 45 minutes from the historical city so it's not too big of a drive.

The first three pictures are of The Cathedral Basillica of St. Augustine. It is the oldest church in St. Augustine. It was originally built in 1568 but then burned down. It was re-built shortly thereafter. It was amazing to stand in a church that old. Of course it has been restored over the years, but still inspiring to stand right in history. So much history in that place!

The next two pictures are of Flagler College. Flagler College was originally a luxury hotel built in 1888 but became a college in 1968. They were having a open day event so we got to peek inside. Imagine going to college with a ceiling like that in the entrance!

We then stopped for some ice cream at the Fudge Bucket (such a cute name!). They had some delicious desserts! The weather was gorgeous, in the 70s with a breeze from the ocean. It was nice to get out of the house and walk around in a beautiful town!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Different Ways To Use Argan Oil

Ways to Use Argan Oil

Most people when they purchase Argan Oil they often think of just using it on their face. However, there are so many different ways!

  • I love mixing my Argan Oil with my lotion. Personally I like using Lubriderm but you can use any brand you like. I just mix a drop of the oil with a couple pumps of lotion. Depending on how dry my skin is, I either use the regular or light version of the oil. 
  • In some magazines it's advised to put on oil before moisturizer and other magazines advise to put it on after moisturizer. Personally I like putting it on after my moisturizer and eye cream. It's the very last step. Argan oil for me anyways, can be a little "slippery" so it's convenient and hassle free to apply it after everything. I typically like using the light version in the morning and the regular version at night for more moisturization. 
  • If you haven't put Argan Oil in your hair you are missing out on it's benefits! I notice with using Argan Oil in my hair, I have more softer, shinier, and smoother hair. I like mixing just a drop or two to a pump of leave in conditioner. If you use spray leave in conditioner, spray your hair first and then distribute the oil into your hair with your hands. 
  • I also love rubbing Argan Oil in my cuticles. It's my very last step in my skincare routine so that it's the last thing my hands touch before it dries. I usually let it dry as I am brushing my teeth. That usually is enough time (2 minutes). Rubbing oil into my cuticles I notice they are softer and not as dry.
Other ways as well: 
- Mixing the oil with your eye cream. Use very little.
- Mixing Argan Oil with your foot cream or hand cream.
- Instead of putting it on your face after moisturizing, mix it with your toner.
- Mix Argan Oil into your face mask.
- Taking a bath? Mix it with your bath salts or soap/liquid.

You can use Argan Oil in so many different ways. I love using it. It's also a money saver too as you can use it for multitude of things. On QVC they always have specials on their Josie Maran Argan Oil and sometimes they have super sizes on special!

Do you use Argan Oil and if so, how so?