Sleepwear for Your Body Shape

There are so many sleepwear options out there today, from ultra sexy to functional. Sometimes you just want to look your best lounging around, or you just want to look good for your husband or boyfriend!

 You can look amazing, it just all depends on the style of sleepwear and what style is best for your body shape.

 Here are my tips!:

Apple Shape

From left to right. Both from Victoria's Secret. Nightgown: Short Set

You are an apple shape if you carry your weight in your stomach and chest. You tend to have no hips, butt, and thighs. 
If you prefer a nightgown over pajamas the one on the left is perfect for apple shapes. The top portion will hold your chest in while the empire waist will conceal your stomach. The length is short, so it will highlight your slim legs.
If you prefer pajamas look for bottoms that are printed or have detailing at the bottom. Such as the one above. With a t-shirt you have the option to still wear a bra if you so desire.

Pear Shape

From left to right. Both from Victoria's Secret. Pajamas: Short Pajama Set

If you are a pear shape, you tend to carry your weight in the hips, thighs, and butt. You tend to have a small chest and smaller shoulders.
When looking for pajamas, look for tops with a deep v-neck like the two above. It will draw the eye up and also give your chest some "push up". The bottoms on the left are ideal because they have a wider leg and will help conceal those wider hips and thighs. For summer you can opt for a more looser shaped bottom like the one on the right.

The Hourglass

From Left to Right. Both from Victoria's Secret. Short Boxer Set: Pajamas

You are hourglass if you are proportionate from the chest to the hips. When you gain and loose weight, these are the first two places you see gain/loose weight. Your waist is the smallest part of your body.
When you look for sleepwear look for two pieces that have the same pattern or color from head to toe. By doing this, you will help maintain that curvy figure.
If at all possible, if you can find a top that cinches in at the waist, that will be the most flattering shape. Pair with a straight or wide leg bottom.

The Boy Shape 

From Left to Right: Both from Victoria's Secret. Cami and Short Set: Sleepshirt

You are a boy shape if you have no curves. If you gain weight you will gain it all over. You are straight up and down basically. Most models are boy shapes.
These two pajamas are perfect for boy shapes because of the crochet and ruffle detailing. The pajama on the left will help create a waist while the one on the right has ruffle detailing at the hips and bust to help add "curve". When looking for lounge wear look for ruffle detailing, lace, crochet, etc. to help create those curves. Do not wear t-shirt nightgowns, or non-fitted pajamas as your body will just get lost in them.


From Left to Right: Both from Victoria's Secret. Sleepshirt: Cami and Short Set

Woman under 5'5" are considered to be petite.
When looking for pajamas look for shorter hemlines. Look for sleep shirts that go mid thigh or short boxers like the one on the right. This will help create a longer leg line. Less is more with petites. You don't want to wear too much fabric, as it will just overwhelm you.


All images created with Polyvore

Sleepwear from Nordstrom   

If you are a size 12 and up, you are considered to be plus size.
Plus size girls should look for pajamas that can offer them support (in the chest) and also coverage. But you don't want to look like your grandma! I love the one on the left because it's bright and fun but will still have you covered. Same with the one on the left, the v-neck will help create a longer line at top and thus make you look leaner. And you can still wear a bra with any of these options!

The only figure I did not cover was, the tall figure. If you are over 5'8" you are considered to be tall. Like the apple shape, look for a pattern bottom/top with a solid top/bottom. It will help visually balance you out. You don't want to wear the same pattern or color head to toe or other wise, you will look too tall.
Victoria's Secret has long length options on most of their PJ's!

So, there you have my tips on what sleepwear will look best depending on your body shape!

What sleepwear do you like to wear to bed or lounge in?

Sunny Yellow - The Perfect Summer Color

Sunny Yellow

Keds; Handbag: Charles and Keith; Earrings- Saks; Heels: ASOS; Table: Lamps Plus
Couch: Dot & Bo

Summer is the perfect time to bring out those yellow hues. Did you know that incorporating yellow into your decor will help lift your mood and make you happy? It's just a bright sunny color, like the sun!

Yellow can be tricky to pull off though for some. The trick is finding the right hue for your skin tone. Many think they can't wear yellow, but they just haven't found the right shade! Cooler skin tones should look for pastel yellow while warmer skin tones should look for mustard or warmer colored yellows. I think personally bright yellow (like neon, bright yellow) looks amazing on African American skin tones.

How do you wear yellow in the summertime? Or do you primarily use yellow in your home decor?


Top Favorite Celebrity Looks of the Week

*pictures via Eonline

From Left to Right: Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, Ashley Madekwe 

Jessica Alba in Max Mara and Julia Korol 

Blazer: Vero Moda; Trousers: Matches Fashion; Shoes: Nasty Gal  

I love this easy weekend look. It's still put together, but also looks effortless at the same time. The heels keep the look streamlined and not frumpy. Looking for a similar bag at an inexpensive price? Check out Shop Suey. They have a ton of celebrity inspired bags for under $100! 

Chrissy Teigen in Elisabetta Franchini Mini

Heels: Ann Taylor; Clutch: Nine West; Dress: ASOS

This dress was probably custom made for her so it was hard to find a similar style. However, the one from ASOS would do the trick. This dress looks absolutly beautiful on Chrissy. She looks stunning! I loved how she slicked her hair back, making the look even more sexy but by not too much. This dress would look amazing on pear shape ladies. This would help focus the eyes up to your chest, thus making you look slimmer! The heels and clutch would complete the look perfectly. 

Ashley Madkwe in Cushine Et Oche

Shirt: House of Frasier; Skirt: LuLus, Shoes: Nelly 

Again, this was custom made for Ashley so I went for something very similar. The monochrome look will be again very popular this upcoming fall season. I like that she broke up the monochromatic look with nude pumps. This would be the perfect work outfit! It's conservative yet youthful. With this color, you will surely stand out! If your office does not allow open toe, wear nude pumps instead. 

So there you have my top 3 favorite celebrity looks of the week. And how to recreate them for less! 

Which look is your favorite? 

Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

Outfit Details: Dress- Victoria's Secret, Shoes- Guess, Necklace- Baublebar, Clutch- DSW, Watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bracelet- Michael Kors. 

Image Via Open Table. 

For our Anniversary we ate at Matthew's Restaurant. When we were looking for a restaurant, we wanted something intimate but also affordable. The restaurant is beyond gorgeous. Reminds me of a set right out of Mad Men! Pictured above is the bar and the main dining room is right next to it. It's quite similar in decor and only had a few tables. We liked the intimacy and I think it also gave the waiters the opportunity to be more attentive. 
If you are planning to visit Jacksonville, I recommend that you reserve your table a week ahead! 

For appetizers and cocktail, I choose the Pear Martini and local shrimp. I didn't take a picture of Ryan's drink, as he usually orders scotch or whisky. He had the Macallen Scotch 12 year. I am a martini girl and I absolutely loved this one! It's very sweet and almost reminded me of the taste of white wine. 
My dinner is on the bottom left. I had the Gnocchi and Ryan had the Fusilli (venison with pasta). 

For dessert we requested the Black Forest Chocolate Torta. We were so surprised by the little message they created with the dessert! So nice of them to remember our special night. :) 

My husband was so sweet to remember that I like Dooney and Bourke handbags and Disney. I remember last year at Disney, I pointed out at the stores that I liked the bags made by them. 
The design has a special meaning to us as well, because we got married in Orlando and had our first Anniversary at Disney World. 

We truly got everything!! 

Hope you had a fabulous Monday Evening! 

How to Organize Your Makeup

I have a slight addiction to makeup. OK, I admit it, I am addicted! When you have quite a bit of products, it's crucial to be organized. Otherwise, you end up forgetting half of your collection. I have been shopping around quite a bit for the perfect makeup organizer I could fit in a small space. The Alex drawers from Ikea would be perfect but we don't have an Ikea here. The shipping is outrageous, and Amazon sells them I think for more than the store asking price.

I found this gem at Costco, and I couldn't be happier with it! It fits all my products perfectly!

Here is how I organize my makeup. Please note I didn't take pictures of all the drawers, but you should get a general concept.

I don't remember the brand name, but it comes with 10 slide out containers and a aluminum/steel shelf on top. It was really easy to put together, and took about 15 min. to put together. It is a very sturdy, does not shake as I open each drawer, and holds quite a bit despite how small it looks! I have two extra drawers on the bottom to expand as well.
It retails for $40, so it's quite an inexpensive piece!

My 60 piece lipstick container fits perfectly on top with my brushes. I hold my most worn lippies in this container. You can find it on Amazon for only $25! I highly recommend it. It's made of high quality plastic and holds most lipstick containers. The only one's I could not fit inside them, were the Tom Ford Lipsticks. So please be aware if you have a few of those lipsticks. If you have a lot of lipsticks/lip glosses, I highly suggest you look into purchasing this as it will save you a lot of room!

Here you can gauge into how deep the drawers are. All my palettes fit perfectly into two drawers with room to spare. I love that the drawers are clear so you can easily see what is inside. I like putting all my palettes together, as it's easy to find.

My next drawer is where I store all my quads, duo's, and single eye shadows. I think having them all together is the best idea. That way you can mix and match between each one. These drawers fit Mac eye shadows perfectly!

Here I hold all my blush and highlighters. Don't you hate how Nars packaging gets so dirty?!
I think it's smart to put similar products together. Such as blush with highlighters. Concealers with foundations. I would put bronzers and powders together as well. I did that in the next drawer underneath. That way you can grab 2 products at the same time and everything is coordinated.

With shopping at Sephora and Nordstrom, comes a lot of samples. It's easy to shove them in a drawer and forget about them. But if you keep them near by, you will likely use them up faster. Make sure you go through the drawer twice a month to make sure that any samples you have not used, get used up first. If you get any samples you know that you will not use, give them away or just throw them out. Don't hang onto that sample meant for olive skin tones when you have a light skin complexion!

If you don't have an Ikea nearby and don't want to shell out 100's of dollars for makeup storage, I highly suggest this drawer organizer from Costco! If you do crafts, scrap booking, or need extra space in the kitchen or garage, this would also be the perfect organizer!

How do you organize your makeup/beauty products?