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Instagram Outfits of the Week

Here are my outfits from the last week or so on Instagram!:


Shoes - Sperry (last year)

New Girl Inspired Outfit

New Girl Inspired

My Fall Wishlist

Fall Wishlist

How To Dress Vintage in a Modern Way

Modern Retro

Instagram Outfits of the Week

I have quite a busy schedule everyday that it has been hard finding time to take any outfit pictures! Instagram is so easy (and quick!) and for those that don't follow me, or don't have Instagram this is a great way to keep with my daily style. I hope to post these types of articles more!

August 5th
I purchased this dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. Perfect dress for twirling! If any of you are interested in purchasing a dress from here, I suggest sizing up as I find the dresses tend to run small.