Christmas Idea Gift Series: For The Fitness Junkie

Christmas Gift Series: For The Fitness Junkie

Only 10 more days till Christmas!

Have a fitness lover in your family? Any of the gifts above would be perfect. A cute gym bag is always on a girl's list. No boring black bag anymore. Have a yogi in your life? A yoga set is perfect. Even if they already have one, having one for travel, etc. is always nice to have.

As for clothes. That is something you should consider very carefully. Unless you know that is exactly what they want, and what their size is, go ahead and purchase. It can sometimes be offending  (or awkward!) to get clothing that they may or may not be comfortable in.

A great safe gift is a subscription to SHAPE or any other fitness magazine. The fit bit is great too because they can track their progress. And it's pink- so fun and easy to wear!

What would you give to a fitness junkie?

Full list of products above: 

Christmas Gift Idea Series: The Men In Your Life

Christmas Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Many say men are hard to buy for, but I disagree. I have never really found it hard to shop for my husband, father or nephews. As they are pretty clear on what they like and dislike. I often find that men are pretty straight forward, which makes it easy to know what to give them for Christmas.

At least the men in my family, do not like to shop for themselves. They will wait till there are holes in their clothes, stains on their shirts, and will hunt for the cheapest item out there. Now is the time to treat the man in your life to some good quality clothing. I love the jacket above because it's functional, but still stylish and presentable.

According to my husband, Dragon Age Inquisition is the game of the year. So if you have a gamer in your family/friends, this might be on their list! Technology gifts are always great options too.

For the men in your life that always likes to be clean shaven, smell good, and likes to try the latest men's beauty products; than a men's beauty kit would be the ideal gift! There are many options at Nordstrom, Sephora, and other department stores.

Still don't know what to give? A wallet is always a great default gift. Everyone needs to use one of those!

Shopping List!: 

Beats by Dr Dre red headphone
$390 -

Guccissima Leather Coin Wallet
$375 -

Gift sets kit

Great Gifts American Eagle Outfitters

Hope these tips helped you! Share if you can on what you will be getting that man in your life!

Thanksgiving Trip: Southdown Plantation

Where the slaves slept. Such tiny quarters. Very sad.

If you haven't seen my last Thanksgiving post, click HERE

Later in the day we headed to the Southdown Plantation. It is known as the pink plantation. It was really like a real life doll house. It was quite adorable! The plantation primarily grew and sold sugar cane in the mid 1800s. Imagine living in such a beautiful house!

Further down they had a war memorial with all the names of those who served in all the major wars that lived in Houma, LA.

On Saturday we had our family pictures done. I can't wait to share them with you all!

Hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving weekend pictures!

Thanksgiving Trip: Christopher Columbus Ship Replica Tour

From left to right- my sister, me, my niece, and mother.

My mother and I. Yes- that is my mother's real hair color!

All pictures taken by me or Ryan

Outfit details: Sweater and Jeans- Jcrew, Necklace- Baublebar, Shoes- Sperry, Sunglasses- Tory Burch. 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! It's been a while since I posted and that is because I traveled over to my sister's house, visited her family and my mother for Thanksgiving. We had a fabulous time! On Friday we went to go see the Columbus ships in Houma, Louisiana. They are not really the "real" Christopher Columbus ships, but they are built to what they would have been like back in the 1500's. Although the Pinta was slightly shorter and not as wide.

This was my first time being on a ship like this. For the most part it was parked so I couldn't really feel any movement but the Nina for some reason had more movement than the Pinta. I could really tell my sea sickness coming out on that one and it was just sitting there! How did they live?!
Also did you know that no one lived underneath the ship? They all slept and lived up on deck. Underneath they kept all the food, supplies, and wine.

It was really neat to experience a part of our history, especially on this weekend as we are thankful to be living in this beautiful land Columbus discovered (well parts of it).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

My Current Skin Care Routine

Want to know how I get my skin glowing, soft, and acne free? Check out my current skin care routine below!

From left to right: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Clarifying Lotion For Skin Type 2. 

I have dry combination skin. I have dry skin but I also get slightly oily in the T-Zone by the end of the day. I also experience breakouts at that time of the month.

In the morning and night I use the above facial soap and clarifying lotion by Clinique. I use to use this brand when I was a teenager when I suffered from acne. It didn't quite clear up my skin but my skin was very different from today. I recently started using this brand again, and I don't know why I stopped! It's very effective! I use my clarisonic in the evenings and I find that this soap really cleans well. It gets all the dirt and impurities out!
The clarifying lotion does not dehydrate my skin but also effectively tones it. It feels refreshed as well!

From left to right: Clinique Even Better SPF 20 Moisturizer, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + 

In the morning I use Clinique Even Better SPF 20 moisturizer. It is light, moisturizing, and does not smell like SPF. Which I LOVE! Also, it does not give off that white cast in pictures. It really does help even out and correct the tone of my skin. I have issues with uneven skin tone and this helps a lot.
At night I use the Clinique Dramatically different Moisturizing Lotion +. I really like this moisturizer as well. It's great for those that have drier skin. They do have a gel format for those with oily skin. It really helps make my skin soft and smooth.

From left to right: Josie Maran Light Argan Oil, Josie Maran Original Argan Oil, Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream 

Last but not least, I put on my eye cream. I use the Shiseido Benefance eye cream. My skin is dry underneath my eyes and it's hard finding an eye cream that is not heavy. This eye cream is just that- not heavy and super moisturizing. Definitely worth the investment.
After I let the creams settle into the face, I dab on Argan Oil. I usually put on the light version but sometimes if I feel really dehydrated I will put on the original formula. Feel like the oil is too much when you transfer the oil from your fingers to your face? I use a little cotton pad, use just a couple drops of the oil, and than dab on the face. This helps from making your face look like a "grease ball".

From top to bottom: Top- Hollywood California Glamglow, bottom left-Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell, bottom right- Cucumber Gel Mask

These are the current masks I use. My favorite is the top one. If you suffer from dehydrated skin, your face will love you for using this. My skin feels super hydrated while it feels exfoliated and smooth. The rose stem cell gives off the same affect but not as moisturizing I feel. I use the Cucumber Gel Mask when my face feels itchy or uncomfortable. It almost feels like you are putting on a aloe mask. It's so soothing and great for those with sensitive skin. Such a treat and it's cooling too!

All products can be purchased at Sephora!

So there you have my skin care routine? Share your's below!