Spring Shoe Trends

Spring is just around the corner (I promise!) and it's time to start shopping for those spring shoes.

Here are the three prevalent trends this spring!:

Spring Shoe Trend

"Sporty" is a huge trend this season. Not only it's a huge trend with clothing but also with shoes. Slip on shoes, sneakers, and high tops are going to be popping up in stores everywhere. Instead of pairing your floral skirt with classic pumps, for a fun twist pair it with slip on sneakers. You will be able to walk all day while looking chic! I think it's about time that we are comfortable in our shoes!

Spring Shoe Trend - Floral

Floral printed shoes are going to be another huge trend this season. You will see florals everywhere from flats to heels. Even on sneakers! A fun way to add color to your outfit. I love pairing floral pumps with a solid colored dress that is also in the pumps. If you want to mix patterns - pair a striped dress with a floral pump or flat. Chic and modern!

Spring Shoe Trend- Boho

The 70's are back this season. After taking a back burner in the industry the last couple years, it's coming back again. Fringe, aztec print, leather cut-outs, and stacked booties are going to be huge this spring and summer. If you want to treed lightly on the fringe trend, it's easy to do with your shoes. It just adds a little bit! Aztec printed slip on's are great for a day out at the lake with shorts and a t-shirt.

What is you favorite spring shoe trend this season?

Incorporate Spring Into Your Winter Wardrobe

Jump Into Spring

Spring is just around the corner but for those living in colder areas, it seems like months away. On those snowy cold days why not incorporate some fun spring colors into your wardrobe?

I love taking a floral print blazer (you could even do a sweater or top!) and pairing it with slim black pants and bold colored shoes. For those days that you feel dressing a little girly, take that LBD and pair it with a bright colored handbag and accessories.
For weekends when all I want to wear is comfy jeans and a slouchy sweater- I pair the look with a brightly colored fun scarf. Simple and easy yet stylish!

Just incorporating one or two pieces that are brightly colored, floral, or a fun print, will make you feel closer to spring.

Do you wear florals and other spring colors in the winter?

2015 Swim Trends

Summer will be here before you know it, so might as well get ahead of the curve and learn the trends of this year for swim!

 Here are the trends for the season!

Swimwear trends - strappy

Oh la la! It is going to be a sexy one this season. If you have the figure why not flaunt it? Strappy suits and cutouts are on trend this swim season. I love the one on the top left for those that would like that extra coverage with sexy little cutouts. Just don't forget that suntan lotion to cover up those tan lines!

Swim Trends - Boho

Boho is a trend that is re-emerging from a few years ago. Fringe, aztec prints, and pom pom details are going to be another dominant trend this season. Fringe tops are great for those with smaller chests because it will create extra volume where you need it!

Swim Trends- Sporty

The sporty trend was emerging last year but is in full swing this season. I love this trend because it's fun and you can actually have fun at the beach (i.e. sports)! I would only recommend sporty type suits and Rash Guards to athletic figures. However, one piece suits with little detail and straps can be great for swimming laps- thus counts towards the sporty trend.

Swim Trends- Brights

Brights are again a big trend this season. However, it is not as big as the last couple years. This year we are going to see more of the trends as shown above. But we will still see quite a few bright colors. After all, it is summer and it's time to wear bright colors! I personally have the swimming suit on the bottom left and it's a great suit for those that want that extra coverage. Holds everything in!

What do you think of the swim trends this season?