My Current Skin Care Routine

Want to know how I get my skin glowing, soft, and acne free? Check out my current skin care routine below!

From left to right: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild, Clarifying Lotion For Skin Type 2. 

I have dry combination skin. I have dry skin but I also get slightly oily in the T-Zone by the end of the day. I also experience breakouts at that time of the month.

In the morning and night I use the above facial soap and clarifying lotion by Clinique. I use to use this brand when I was a teenager when I suffered from acne. It didn't quite clear up my skin but my skin was very different from today. I recently started using this brand again, and I don't know why I stopped! It's very effective! I use my clarisonic in the evenings and I find that this soap really cleans well. It gets all the dirt and impurities out!
The clarifying lotion does not dehydrate my skin but also effectively tones it. It feels refreshed as well!

From left to right: Clinique Even Better SPF 20 Moisturizer, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + 

In the morning I use Clinique Even Better SPF 20 moisturizer. It is light, moisturizing, and does not smell like SPF. Which I LOVE! Also, it does not give off that white cast in pictures. It really does help even out and correct the tone of my skin. I have issues with uneven skin tone and this helps a lot.
At night I use the Clinique Dramatically different Moisturizing Lotion +. I really like this moisturizer as well. It's great for those that have drier skin. They do have a gel format for those with oily skin. It really helps make my skin soft and smooth.

From left to right: Josie Maran Light Argan Oil, Josie Maran Original Argan Oil, Shiseido Benefiance Eye Cream 

Last but not least, I put on my eye cream. I use the Shiseido Benefance eye cream. My skin is dry underneath my eyes and it's hard finding an eye cream that is not heavy. This eye cream is just that- not heavy and super moisturizing. Definitely worth the investment.
After I let the creams settle into the face, I dab on Argan Oil. I usually put on the light version but sometimes if I feel really dehydrated I will put on the original formula. Feel like the oil is too much when you transfer the oil from your fingers to your face? I use a little cotton pad, use just a couple drops of the oil, and than dab on the face. This helps from making your face look like a "grease ball".

From top to bottom: Top- Hollywood California Glamglow, bottom left-Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell, bottom right- Cucumber Gel Mask

These are the current masks I use. My favorite is the top one. If you suffer from dehydrated skin, your face will love you for using this. My skin feels super hydrated while it feels exfoliated and smooth. The rose stem cell gives off the same affect but not as moisturizing I feel. I use the Cucumber Gel Mask when my face feels itchy or uncomfortable. It almost feels like you are putting on a aloe mask. It's so soothing and great for those with sensitive skin. Such a treat and it's cooling too!

All products can be purchased at Sephora!

So there you have my skin care routine? Share your's below!

Christmas Gift Idea Series: Gifts for the Foodie

Christmas Gift List for the Foodie

Utensil set via Etsy, Vitamix - Easy Pay on QVC, Harry and David Founders Favorite Gift Box, Cookbook via Barnes and Noble.

We all have a foodie in the family. Hey, I admit it too that I love food. But some take it to the next level by making delicious bakery goods and savory meals.

I think there are two different type of foodies- those that enjoy food and those that enjoy making food. My dad falls into the first category. While he loves food, he typically doesn't spend hours making a meal. Though he does make some amazing Chili and meat (any kind) on the grill!  Than there is my best friend, who will go out of her way to make the dinner extra special by preparing it for hours before hand. She enjoys the culinary arts.

Every year for special occasions I get my family Harry and David or Wolferman's gifts. Last year we also got my dad a special from Omaha Steaks. My dad absolutely raves about the gifts I get him. They are always delivered well before the event and packaged very nicely. My dad has never gotten any bruised fruit or freezer burned meat!

For those that enjoy making food and are into the culinary arts, a blender or other gadget would be the perfect gift. If you are on a budget a cookbook is always in good order. A cook can never have too many recipes!

A fun gift too for those that love going on picnics, a picnic basket set is just the thing that will make them smile. Picnic basket available via pottery barn.

Do you have a foodie in the family? If so, what do you like to get them for the holidays?


Christmas Gift Idea Series: Gifts For The Fashionista

Gifts For The Fashionista

This year I hope that I can do a full series on what to give to those people in your life (the tech-y, sports fanatic, fitness addict, foodie, etc.) this Christmas! Shopping can be a pain during the holiday season. Especially as more and more stores are offering deals, more people are flooding the stores than ever. It's important to make a list, go in and just purchase those items on that list. Well, at least try not to get distracted by all the holiday goodies. 

Have a fashionista in the family? Shopping for someone who loves anything related to fashion can be fun as there are so many options in stores. No matter your budget there a plenty of options.

If you have a few extra bucks to spare, a designer handbag is the perfect choice. They will forever cherish your gift. Don't have that much money in your budget this year? You can always look into faux leather options and the designer cross-body versions can be a little cheaper than a tote, at least for the most part.

Want a gift under $20? A magazine is a great gift idea. Every month they will open a new edition filled with all things fashion. Who couldn't ask for more? The new Tory Burch In Color is another great gift option. I have it as well on my wish list. It's great for inspiration and is filled with all things fashion, girly, and classic styles. FYI- you can find the book for cheap online!

For those that dress to the nines, a new watch, accessory, or scarf is the ticket. I hate shopping for clothes because you never know if they will like it, or if it will fit. The watch set above is under $20 and is from Charlotte Russe!
Phone cases are another great, often not thought of gift. Interchanging your phone cover to your outfit is fun to do!

So there you have some simple ideas to get your brain flowing. I hope this helped! What is on your Christmas gift wish this year?


Special Announcement!

Hello Everyone. I thought I would do a quick post today to let you know that I have created a second blog!

Don't worry, I will still be blogging here on MsFashinista regularly. :)


You all know I love traveling, spending time outdoors, and exploring new areas as you have seen these places on this blog.

Over the years I have tried numerous workout routines. Some I succeeded at, and some I even I did for a long time. However, I never looked forward to working out. I know, I know, who really looks forward to working out right?

However, this past couple months, I have started to workout outside. I started biking, hiking, walking, and just spending time outdoors. I actually looked forward to working out because I was doing something that I enjoyed. A long time ago when I was in my very early 20s/late teens I hiked quite a lot and I remember riding my bike everywhere. I actually enjoyed doing these things. Why didn't I continue doing these things?

Who knows, maybe I was wanting to do what was in trend at the moment (P90X, Circuit/Crossfit, etc.) but really in the end I just was not happy. Yes, I did get great results, but in the end I don't think I would of choose it over again. I would rather hop on that bike and ride a few miles or go on that 5 mile hike. I love nature and always have.

I guess that's one non- girly thing about me. As you all know I eat quite healthy and recently developing a gluten sensitivity I have really been enjoying this new lifestyle of mine.

So, i decided to create my own little space with gluten free recipes, outdoor fitness, and just living healthy! I hope you follow!!

And remember i will still be blogging here on the regular, so don't worry! I'm not leaving MsFashinista. ;)

- Heidi 

A Sweater Dress Three Ways!

3 Ways To Wear a Sweater Dress

Winter weather is here and sweater dresses are the perfect thing to wear! What is great about sweater dresses is that they are so versatile! You can wear it to work, the weekend and even for a night out.

For work pairing your sweater dress with a button down underneath is polished and presentable. For the weekend I love pairing a sweater dress with boots, tights, and a hat if you like. For a night out, think outside the box a little and wear a fun shoe. If your dress is neutral you can wear any color shoe you like! Red lips are must for a night out.

How do you wear a sweater dress?