Today's Outfit of the day. My boyfriend's place of work held a BBQ today. Even though it was quite raining out I managed to put on a dress and some opaque tights. I was happy though that it wasn't too cold, just rainy. I think the last two times we had the annual BBQ at his work it has been bad weather, what is up with that? Here in southern Oregon we have been getting a lot of strange weather. By now it is pretty warm and not as rainy. But it has been raining like crazy and rarely ever reaching in the mid 60s. However, watching the local news it is suppose to be getting warmer finally! I am so happy because I can start wearing my shorts, skirts and dresses again (without wearing leggings or tights). Also you can see in the background my new car! As in one of my previous posts I posted pictures of my new car. I am absolutely loving the new car, it has exceeded my expectations and I am enjoying it quite a bit. Well anyways, I could babble on forever (I feel like it today for some reason), so I hope you like today's outfit! Let me know what you think! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

- Heidi

P.S. Outfit details:
Dress: JcPenny
Opaque Tights: Walmart (really! only $6!)
Shoes: Payless (5 year old shoes! lol)
Belt: Charolette Russe
Bangles: Wet Seal

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