Nautical Summer

Today's Outfit:
Blouse: Kohls
Shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Alice and Olivia for Payless
Accessories: Wet Seal and Forever21

Today's forecast predicted nice sunny 76 degrees. Yet when I went outside it was smoggy and not really sunny but warm. I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to get some good pictures. My camera doesn't take good pictures in stormy weather unfortunately. Some day I will have a fancy camera! Though it is a quite nice one, when I need to take landscape pictures. Which is usually what I like taking pictures of most of the time. My outfits are only like 6 of the photos of 100 some pictures of other things.... hehe. Also I took a picture with my new car. I am quite loving it! :)
I also got to wear my new shoes! I just picked them up from the store yesterday. I was very impressed with the shoes I got. I am usually not a payless fan. I remember a few years ago all my shoes were practically from payless. Then I got a job and could start affording more expensive shoes, then I became introduced to Macy's. They carry my favorite shoes! :)
Oh and then I learned about DSW, which is my second favorite shoe store. I wish we had a DSW here. Though thinking about it I would probably go broke, as I would probably shop there every weekend and be sucked into buying a pair! Back to the shoes... The shoes are wonderful! They are quite comfortable though I would recommend wearing a sole insert like dr. scholls because the heel is so high- 5 inches!
Which reminds me I just joined Shoe Dazzle. I will let you know how the service goes. So far they picked out some shoes that were not quite my style. I was a little bummed but was impressed that you could have them re send you a selection tailored to what you like more. I also like that you can skip the month in case your budget is not in track that month.

Hope you enjoy the pics! Have a good week! ttyl

- Heidi

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