Goddess Inspired

Today's outfit:
Dress: Target
Shoes: WalMart
Bangle: Charolette Russe

After my shopping experience below on previous post I went to Target to look around. Not expecting to really buy anything I found this dress. And it was only $15! What a deal. I was on a deal kick I suppose. My boyfriend helped me pick out this color as I was stuck between this color and a dark blue almost purple color. I am really liking the color, I don't really have much green in my wardrobe!
I am also getting excited for when fall clothing hits the stores. I have no fall/winter clothing due to loosing weight this past spring. I need to stock up on sweaters, blouses, leggings, tights, and boots! I am hoping that I can find a good pair of boots under $50! I will probably have to head to Wet Seal (we have no forever21 here - sadness) for that kind of deal. Does fall clothing usually hit stores late August?

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Talk to you all later. :)

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