New Handbag and Wallet Haul

Can you believe I only got this wallet for only $10! Yes, really! I went to the mall hoping to get a crossover handbag (I have been wanting to get one for forever!) and a new wallet. I went into Macy's thinking, Oh I am going to be spending around $50. I saw this rack of really nice leather wallets for 30% off. The wallet sticker was labeled $27.50. When I went up to the register it rung up for $9.99! I couldn't believe it! Such a nice wallet (originally $50!). It is very soft, shiny and the cards go in and out nicely in the card holders.

Then I was off to JcPenny, happy of my wallet purchase. I was browsing all the handbags and was getting quite disappointed because I couldn't find a single crossover handbag I liked. I found one that I somewhat liked and then as I was walking away I caught a glimpse of the one above. It was the last one on the shelf! As soon as I put it on, I knew it was for me! And on the plus side it was 50% off at only $21.

I love finding great deals, especially now that my budget is really tight.

Have you found any good deals recently?

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