Fall Clothing Haul!

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This will be a great start to my fall wardrobe. If I had endless amount of money I would of bought more and maybe more expensive items (hehe). Anyways, hope you enjoyed my haul!

Hope your all having a wonderful week! Talk to you all later.


  1. thanx... I'm looking for online business directory for trade of indian clothing products and accessories.

  2. Indian cloths are really in demand always.Fall fashion trends in india is different from other countries.

  3. I loved watching this and will subscribe to you! I have a youtube channel for SHE but haven't uploaded anything yet.

    I love the sweater dress so much! I'm determined to get one. Oh, and the nail polishes are lovely!

    So cute!

  4. 80 pounds?! Oh my gosh.... No kidding!!? Was it for health reasons-- good or bad? Either way, that is amazing.


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