Polyvore Outfit of the week- Luxurious Set

Luxurious Set

I was in the mood to look for items that I would only dream of buying, only if I had the money. All of the items are over $1,000!! The fur coat is faux, so don't worry! I feel bad for all those poor little animals that are skinned for fashion!
I also decided to update every other day for New York Fashion Week. I thought it could be a little overwhelming for all of you to see a post everyday. That way too, I can post other articles on other fashion related content.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had to work all weekend as our town participates in a sidewalk sales and since I work at one of the stores, I had to work all weekend. It was quite fun though.


  1. WOW!!! i am in love with the LV bag and the shoes...with the zipper design...

    wonderful set dear!!!


  2. You did such a nice job! Love the heals and the jacket.


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