Walk in the Park and Our New Place

Hello everyone!
I thought I would post a couple of pictures of our views from our apartment complex. I am not going to post pics of our apartment complex due to security reasons. Hope you enjoy! I love the scenery. :)

I like my "booty" in this picture. (lol). :)

Today's Outfit:
Shirt- American Eagle
Jeans- JcPenny, St. Johns Bay
Shoes- Wal-Mart
Sunglasses: D&G

Today is labor day and I did not feel like dressing up to go on a walk in the park. So weird of me! So I just wore this, so I apologize for the tennis shoes and looking so casual. We even didn't go to the park for very long. We just did a quick run through instead of our leisure walk through the park. I guess we were just lazy today. (hehe). The first three photos are views from our apartment complex. Isn't it gorgeous? I really like it. I am planning to do an outfit post tomorrow as well around the neighborhood.

How was everyone's labor day weekend? Hope it went well! Talk to you all later.


  1. Wow, you have such lovely views where you're living! :)

  2. Gorgeous views! I'm jealous. We have some nice landscapes around here but you certainly can't see them from my apartment complex.

    Love your sunnies, too. Happy Labor Day (:

  3. WOW love your top and your pants....walking so gorgeous...

    Great view of your place...

    Kisses love

  4. Very nice! I like the view :) It seems so peaceful... definitely a fun place to take outfit shots!!


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