Knitted Cardigan for $5!

Makeup of the day: Pinks and Purples....

Outfit of the day:

Cardigan and Jeans: Consignment Store
Tank Top: Old Navy

I have been really liking our local consignment store recently. I have been finding great things in brand new or almost brand new condition. I use to hate buying used clothing because it scared me to know who could of been wearing it and what they were doing while wearing it. I have opened up to it more but I still won't buy used shoes. I don't want to be wearing shoes that someone could have bled, blistered, or had foot fungus. I don't think you would either! If I find shoes that clearly not have been worn, then I may reconsider.
I love this sweater, it is so comfy and very soft. It also reminds me of the 50s with the bell sleeves and loose fitting silhouette.

What is your favorite find at your local consignment/thrift store?


  1. Oh, loving the boots so much! You look gorgeous!
    I've actually never been to a thrift store. Totally depressing, especially when I see so many fantastic thrifters in the blogosphere. Hopefully I can join in the fun soon!

  2. You look great, and that's an awesome find! As you probably know, I found some shoes at a Thrift Store but I was sure to clean them first! Haha!

  3. I love the cardigan...and you are lucky to get that for such an amazing price...

    JEALOUS now!!!



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