Polyvore Outfit of the Week- Stay Stylish at the Ski Resort

Stay Stylish at the Ski Resort

This is an outfit that will sure enough keep you warm and at the same time keep you stylish! You could wear this at the ski resort, at a winter cabin, or anywhere that's very cold!
I love over sized knitted sweaters in the winter time as they can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. If you don't like how over sized it is, you can always pair it with a waist belt and it would be super cute! Also if it is really cold out you can always layer this with a thermal long sleeve tee underneath and it shouldn't add onto the "bulkiness". Your feet as well will be toasty warm in these fur boots. But make sure that if your feet start sweating to take off your boots and let your feet "cool off". This can start hypothermia!

What do you like to wear when it is very cold out?


  1. great set! i love oversized knitwear too, so warm & cozy :D


  2. The knitted top is wonderful plus I love the boots...oh my...lovely pieces!!!


  3. This outfit is so cute and cozy looking. Nice job!

  4. Very nice picks :D I love wearing sweaters in the cold too, also big wolly scarfs ^_^


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