Polyvore Outfit of the Week- What to Wear on Halloween

What to Wear on Halloween

Halloween is approaching quickly and we all need to start thinking of what we want to be. This is a great idea and for cheap! If you already have the little black dress, shoes and accessories, just add a masquerade mask!
This will be sexy and creative. Look in vintage stores, costume stores, and maybe buy a plain mask and make your own with glitter and feathers.
It is also a great way of saving money for Halloween if any of you are on a tight budget. Also if any of you ladies are single out there and want to be mysterious that night- this is the perfect way!

What do you all want to be for Halloween?


  1. That's so divine! I love the punch of red, very chic.

  2. Love the choice! Masquerade masks can look so much better than a fullbody costume. So mysterious :)


  3. I love this set! It's chic and mysterious because of the mask, which makes this costume really fun. It's also perfect because you can use these pieces again! So beautiful!

  4. ahh love the outfit...especially the LBD...the touch of red makes it deadly!!! a killer look!



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