Fair Isle

Today's Outfit:
Cardigan: JcPenny- St. John's Bay
Jeans: Levi's
Boots and Ring: Wet Seal
Crossbody Handbag: JcPenny

I had my boyfriend take these pictures of me today with his fancy camera (he has a SLR) since I haven't figured out how to change the shutter speed on my camera. Usually in rainy, gloomy weather my pictures turn out blurry. I bought this little cardigan last weekend and I love it! It is so warm and cozy. I have been looking for a sweater or cardigan with a fair isle print and this one caught my eye. I am starting my part time job tomorrow and happy to get some extra money for the Christmas season. I love giving out Christmas cards (and of course receiving) so if any of you would like one, just email me your address! Email is on the Contact Page. :)

Do you have a favorite print you like to wear during the winter season?

Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. The cardigan is gorgeous! I want a cardigan like that sooo badly!
    Favourite print for Winter? I like the knit reindeers :D and glitter in the fabric :)


  2. Hey, great outfit. I just wanted to say a personal thank you for doing my questionnaire. I really appreciated it :) And in return as promised i publicised your blog !! So check it out. Thank you again !!!

  3. that sweater does look cozy!


  4. Love the cardigan! It's so wintery and happy.


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