Halloween- 2010!

Can you tell I am sunburn on the face?...hehe :)

My boyfriend sure loves to pose...haha

My Friend Haley and I

My Camera was being used at the moment (I had it over my neck).

We went to my friends Halloween party last night and these are the pictures that I took or was taken. I was originally going to go as a Jersey girl but my boyfriend didn't have anything to match that so we came up with the tacky tourist idea. We bought these Oregon sweatshirts on one of our trips to the coast and thought they would be perfect. I used a small cross-body handbag and just tied it at the waist to act as a fanny pack. I also put on a ton of bronzer and blush my face to fake a sunburn, and let me tell you my face never felt so "cakey"! We had a lot of fun and eat a lot of good food. And who ever invented fanny packs have got to be insane, because they are so uncomfortable! When you sit down it is in your way and it can be a little uncomfortable walking with it around! And wearing socks with sandals is kind of weird and uncomfortable. I don't know why anyone would subject to doing this.

How was your Halloween and what did you dress up as?


  1. You and your boyfriend is such an cute couple.
    And the tacky tourist idea was just great, I hate tacky tourists, I always think: How can they allow themselves to look like that?

  2. Hehe cool idea going as tacky tourists ;) You look cute though ^_^ And sounds like u had fun <3

  3. oh thats sad :/
    i didnt know h&m is so rare in the US :O
    http://www.hm.com/us/storelocator__storelocatorhtml.nhtml ;)


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