Night Out with Friends and New Hair Color!

I am a red head!

My friend Olivia and I - she is the one who created the fashion show I participated in! :)

The band that was playing that night at the wine bar

Olivia and the fiddle player

The shoes I got earlier that day!

Shirt: Kohls
Shoes shown above: Chinese Laundry

Yesterday I had a good day. While I was out in town doing errands I found these pair of shoes at the consignment store brand new! Chinese Laundry shoes that usually sell for around $60 I got for $7! I was pretty excited and happy. Then I got an invite later that day from my friend Olivia for a girls night out at a local wine bar. There was a traveling band playing there. They were quite good and very social with everyone that was at the bar.
I also got a new hair color! I was originally going to highlight my hair with caramel highlights but I wanted to save that for the summer time. As it is more of a summer hairstyle. Also red is quite trendy right now. I use to dye my hair when I was in High School and I remember it flattered me well. I think it warms up my skin more since my skin tone is pale/light.

To find out more about the band that I showed here, go to their website: here.

Hope you enjoyed this fun post, non fashion post! Have a great day everyone! :)


  1. Love the hair! Redheads are EVERYWHERE this season. Great color. Those shoes are fab as well!


  2. Your new hair color is gorgeous and looks so great on you! Also love the black lace. <3

  3. Nice hair color! I actually miss my light red hair because I just had it dyed dark red (which turned out brown). We might have the same shade now because my color is fading and is getting lighter.

    And $7 shoes?? Get out! They look gorgeous!!

  4. You are really pulling off that red hair.

  5. I love your red hair. Looks great on you. And those shoes are amazing!

  6. Love the new color! You look fab!


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