I Heart Dorthy Perkins

Here are three outfits I created from one of my favorite stores!:

I discovered Dorthy Perkins earlier this year through Delance Fashion Community. I fell in love with the store soon as I started shopping online. I am pretty sad that they don't have any stores here in the US. This store definitely carries my kind of style. And everything is relatively affordable and usually under $100. I have also gotten into ASOS this year and have been addicted to both stores since. Gift cards from both stores are on my wish list this year. :)
The shipping is pretty high through Dorthy Perkins, it is $12 to ship to the US but they do have some shipping sales a couple of times a year. Where shipping is only I think $7 to ship to the US. If you sign up to receive email and sale alerts you get a 10% off towards your first purchase. It would help a little bit with shipping.

Have you purchased from Dorthy Perkins before? And do you like the store?


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