Biker Chic

Today's Outfit:
Jacket- Macy's
Boots- JcPenny, Worthington
Jeans: Thrifted
Ring and Necklace- Bought Locally

I have three days off in a row so I am going to take advantage of that and take some outfit of the day pictures! Today was actually sunny and high 40s so I could handle being outside for a little bit. It has been rainy, foggy and cold the past few weeks, which makes it hard to do any kind of outfit post. I found this jacket at Macy's right after Christmas. When I tried it on, I loved it instantly. I never have worn a leather jacket before! I am not keen on the whole leather look either so I liked that it just has leather on the front and knit everywhere else. Great fabric combination! I love these boots as well. They are quite comfy despite the heel size. I have only bought one other pair of shoes from JcPenny and I have become to like their shoe selection more these past few months. They actually have decent stuff! Must check it out, plus they always have some kind of sale going on.
The color on my lips is actually more of a deep burgundy color than it is shown here, a rich berry color. It is in the color Euphoria. It is from the new Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipstick line which I quite like since I am not a big Cover Girl fan.
Will have to pick up some other colors!

Hope you all are doing well!


  1. i love this biker chic attitude!!
    your boots really fabulous :)

    i'm your new follower
    come and visit my site..
    feel free if you wanna follow my blog :)


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  2. CoverGirl is not all that bad actually. I have come to really like their oil-free foundation for everyday use. Since I wear makeup everyday (who doesn't? haha), I need to opt for the affordable options for everyday usage then go pricey for special occasions!

    Anyway, I have been liking my leather jacket a lot too. Surprisingly enough, I haven't worn mine once on my blog. Yours looks nice too. I also like the knee-high boots! That lipstick adds a pop of color to this outfit! I like it :)

  3. I like your leather jacket! Try adding it to a lace top or something real feminine. It's a great look!

  4. You are missing just the bike. everything is perfect.

  5. Very sexy, love the boots, all you need is a hunk, helmet and bike xxx


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