Celebrity Fashion Weekly Edition- Professional Attire With a Twist

This week's celebrity fashion weekly edition will be on the Kardashian sister, Khloe!

How to copy this look all for under $100!:
Skirt: Faux Leather Skirt from Forever21 for $14.80 (really!)
Shirt: The New French Cuff Shirt from Victoria's Secret for $28
Shoes: Adi Designs Keep Peep Toe High Heels from Kohls for $36.99

Whole outfit will cost you...79.79 or $80!

Believe it or not, you can wear a leather skirt to work if you wear it right. I like how Khloe paired it with a white button down shirt and spiced it up with a pair of leopard heels. I like the skirt I picked out because it is a little longer. Plus if you pair it with a pair of opaque tights or hose it will further look more professional. A professional outfit with a twist. I couldn't believe I found this skirt for only $15 from Forever21! That is quite a find, I must say.

To take this look into the evening is quite easy. I would carry a tank top or an embellished top with you to work and just take off the white button down shirt! Also take off any tights you are wearing. I love how versatile this outfit is. It can be worn many ways and at different occasions.

What do you think of Khloe's look? And do you have a fun creative, professional work attire?


  1. I am dying to find a girl on the street and photograph in leather skirt..
    I think is very stylish and powerful look
    Lee x

  2. LOVE the black leather skirt! You just inspired me to wear mine tomorrow! Lots of love! ~J


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