Polyvore Outfit of the Week- 70s Trend

70s Trend

The 70s trend is popping up everywhere. I am quite loving this trend and thought I would do a little polyvore edition on it.
My boyfriend and I are in Portland this weekend for my birthday/our 3rd year anniversary and today I got to go to Forever21 for the first time in my life! I got to spend my birthday money there and am quite happy with my purchases. I can't wait to share them with you all! I have never lived close to a Forever21 (except when I was way little) so I never have gotten the chance to shop there and Portland is 5 hours away from us.
I also got some makeup at Nordstrom, which I am excited about using. Our mall is small so it is quite nice to get away and actually shop at a huge mall. There is so much to do in the city!
I would really like to go visit San Francisco sometime as well. I heard it is pretty nice city. Plus they have H&M there! I have only been to that store once, and that was at the Mall of America. By, the way I love that mall. I grew up in Minneapolis and remember shopping there as a little girl.

Well, enough of the rambling. I should head back to my vacation! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. 70's inspire me a smiling day, so colourful and happiness!
    I love the stripes shirt+7o's jeans cut!


  2. Those 70's style shoes are crazy, and are cropping up everywhere!

    Joanne Faith xo

  3. Have fun! We have Forever 21 and H&M here EVERYWHERE.... I can't believe you've only been to these stores once or twice. Get some good stuff!! Happy anniversary, by the way! :)


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