Polyvore Outfit of the week- Little Red Bikini

Little red bikini

Just something I came up with the last minute. Some days I love living in winter clothing and don't mind the weather and then the next day I want it to be warm so I can start wearing my summer dresses again. Does anybody feel the same way? I guess that is when it is a perfect time for a resort/vacation getaway. I love little red bikini's because they stand out and are not your typical little black bikini. Always wear a hat and carry plenty of sunscreen!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! If you live on the west coast of the US you have till about 11:59 PM tonight to enter my giveaway! Winner will be announced tomorrow evening. :)

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  1. Okay, great! :) I don't have plans for my birthday yet. It was such a busy time so I hadn't a moment for planning my birthday. But I think it wouldn't be a huuuuuge party this year. But we shall see . ;) And you, what are your plans for your bday?
    I love the hat and the bag from your polyvore outfit. Want that soooo badly. I just ordered a black and a red swimsuit and I think these items will fit perfectly with them.

  2. Very cute outfit! Love the red bikini! I should get one for this summer!

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  3. I am the same way! Sometimes I just love the layering I can get with Winter clothes, but as soon I as buy my first bikini of the year I can't wait for Summer!! lol
    Black bikinis look great on really tanned skin, red looks great on everyone I think! Gorgeous set :)


  4. Smells summer :)
    What about following each other?

    Claire & Vasia


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