I learned about this company earlier this week from JoyofFashion and I just had to share you all about it! The companies name is a little interesting to say the least but kind of funny in a way, it is called Heel Condoms. I just love all the shoe designs they have. Most of them run around $20, except for the feather one which is $30. Which isn't too bad I must say! You could take a simple heel and transform it into a fun, funky look. Take one of the patterns and contrast it with a different color to make it stand out. Such as the ones up above- the blue with the cow print (I think it looks like a cow print). Gorgeous and fun!

To check out the website, click: HERE

What do you think of the designs?


  1. Wow I love it! My favs are the first two!!! xxx www.fashionfantasist.blogspot.com

  2. I think it's a fascinating idea, but the name is awful!

  3. I'm not sure about the company name but it's a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing!
    - Marie


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