Katy Perry for Elle March 2011

Katy Perry looks stunning in these photos. When I first looked at these pictures I didn't recognize her. She looks different, but in a good way! I am loving the artistic feel of the photoshoot. There is a timeless, elegant and sexy look to all the outfits she is wearing. Who knew a circus could make someone look so gorgeous!


  1. I agree Katy Perry looks gorgeous. I love it when she dresses up in sophisticated clothing. I think she can do gimmick without being to gimmicky, if that makes sense. I also like when that the pictures are actually focusing on Katy Perry clothing, beauty, and how stunning she looks versus accentuating cleavage. Which seems to be her go to look lately.
    This Elle editorial is just phenomenal.

  2. I really think she's changed from the "I Kissed a Girl" phase to a beautiful editorial and commercial model. Keep it up!

  3. Wauw! Such fab pictures! She looks so gorgeous :D

  4. Gosh these images are so divine...I really love the whole circus theme, very inspiring xxx


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