Disney Dream Portraits

Charming Snow White


Cinderella. I am loving her gown!

Aladdin. I thought this picture was very sweet.

Sleeping Beauty. The effects of the fire, horse and sunset is just extraordinary.


Beauty and the Beast. This picture is so romantic. I want to pose like this on my wedding day! hehe :)

Snow White- The evil queen. Her expression is wonderfully done.


The Little Mermaid. I thought this one was kind of sexy and made much more for adults. Gorgeous photography.

Peter Pan- where you never have to grow up!

These photographs are amazingly stunning! Disney did a wonderful job creating advertisements to portray their theme park. Not only does these advertisements gear towards families but also couples and the young and old. If I never heard of Disney before, these photographs would definitely make me want to go!

Which one of these photographs are your favorite?


  1. Cinderella! I saw the Evil Queen add in a magazine just the other day and was very impressed. I am a little disappointed in the beast and Peter though...But they are still gorgeous photos!

  2. These are so amazing...loving the little mermaid and her amazing red hair

  3. I remember seeing this spread and thinking how beautifully styled it was. Thanks for sharing this. My favourite is the mermaid also the Ursala one is very nice.! -xxoo

  4. i kinda wish they had used a more ethnically correct actress for pocahontas, but i do like the other ones!

  5. What an incredible ad campaign! I hadn't see this before. Just discovered your blog through the FTF Community, and I'm really looking forward to reading more. Keep in touch. :)

  6. I've always loved these photos! I notice while looking through the ones you posted that I've never seen the Ursula or Beauty and the Beast photos!


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