A Year of Keeping The Weight Off!

This week is my one year anniversary of keeping my weight loss of 80 pounds off. Yes, that was really me over a year ago! I started the weight loss journey in the beginning of summer of 2009. I walked in Curves one day, for I don't know what reason but to just check it out. Something just clicked and I said to myself, I want to loose weight. At first I was just thinking of loosing 40 or so pounds. At my first weigh in I was shocked, I had no idea I weighed 223 pounds. I was like, I need to do this. Not because I wanted to look better but for my health.
The first month I lost 12 pounds. I was so happy and proud of myself for working so hard. I just kept going and I just wanted to keep loosing more! About half way I set the goal for myself to reach size 6. At the start I was size 16. And I did!
I am now size 6 and weigh in at 145 pounds. I am 5'8" for those who are asking, which makes my BMI average, which at the start I was in the category Obese.

This journey has been the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.
I was always overweight and after college I just let it go. The biggest reason was because I wasn't eating the right things and didn't exercise.
This is the smallest I ever been in my whole life, and I never felt this good and healthy at the same time! Sometimes when I go shopping and I look at my size and think I could never fit into that! But I do and that is the most rewarding feeling.
I think the most challenging part for me was the exercising. Most people gain weight because of emotional issues. I just eat the wrong things and not the right way. I would not eat that much all day and then overeat at night. Which kills your metabolism.

Here are some tips on keeping the weight off:

- If you have just lost a ton of weight and have been dieting for a very long time you have to ease your body back into eating more. I was eating 1500 calories a day so every week I would increase my calorie limit by 100 calories. It took four weeks till I saw that about 1900 calories kept my weight off. Everyone will be different and you just have to test it out to see.

- An average person should be eating 2000 calories a day.

- I still exercised the same amount and every 3-5 days.

- It is OK to indulge! I eat chocolate, and pizza, and pasta but... in moderation. I treat myself once a week but I don't overeat any of it.

- And as always, keep eating healthy and don't start eating junk food again! Oh and exercise - hehe ;)

Please pass this inspiration along to anyone who is looking to loose weight. You can do it, it is not impossible! You have to WANT to loose weight. Not because you want to look better but because you want to improve your health. It is a lifestyle change and you must be willing to change your life in the process.

Good luck to any of you who are on the weight loss journey. Let me know if you would like to see a FAQ page on weight loss tips and weight management! Or if you have any personal questions!

You can do it! ;)


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  2. You are such an inspiration Heidi! I've been overweight since I was 11 or so. It's a very difficult thing in the world we live in, so focused on appearance. I hate working out, so that's the biggest hurdle for me to overcome. I will print out this post and have it handy for exercise inspiration!!

  3. Way to go lady! You look amazing!

  4. Heidi, I love that you did this post and I'm so inspired by it. It couldn't have come at a more appropriate time for me, really. I've been feeling like I'm in fashion limbo as it were because I'm too big for the high fashion industry and too small for the plus-size fashion industry. Of course, it's all about being at a size where you're comfortable and content, and right now I'm neither. I've always wanted to find that healthy, perfect place for myself but it's so difficult to find the time to tackle such an agenda, especially now that I've undertaken life as a blogger and all that it entails. But feeling good about ourselves and being healthy is the most important thing, I think. I'm certainly bookmarking this for motivation. Thanks, doll!

    P.S. Would totally love to see a weight/fitness FAQ, but this post in itself has a wealth of tips/inspiration as well. Whatever you decide to do!

  5. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! You look amazing! I can't believe you were able to achieve this, and now I can brag about you :) I use to only see and read about this level of change. How inspiring.

    See, although I want to lose weight, I only really want to around my thighs and butt. I am pear shaped, so the first things to go when I exercise are my boobs! I want to maintain my boob size, so I've not been doing cardio and just tone. Yet it's not healthy to avoid cardio, so I've been doing it at minimum. I learned this the hard way. If you haven't read this from my blog, I was anorexic as a preteen. Even though I got so skinny, I still was bigger on the bottom than on top. I realized and even did some research that you can't really do anything about fat distribution. I wish there would be some kind of breakthrough to transfer fat from body part to body part! Haha. Anyway, that's wishful thinking at least for now.

    Good job! Happy for you!

  6. This is amazing, congratulations! What a fantastic achievement. You look amazing.

  7. Wow, that is such a huge accomplishment! Very inspiring. Thank you for writing about it!

  8. wow, a big change!!!! Congratulations!!!!


  9. Wow! Good for you girl, you should be proud of you accomplishments, and what an inspiration you are!

    xoox Mama Wolf

  10. wow, amazing! you look great :) congratulations! xx

  11. My goodness u can be so proud of yourself!! That is amaaazing and you look great girl, keep up the good work!

  12. what a lovely post. you did a wonderful job and are still doing a wonderful job keeping the weight off! <3

  13. Wow! You look amazing! Congratulations for keeping the weight off because it is the hardest part. I am sure that this post will inspire other people to be healthier. It is sooo important.
    - Marie

  14. that is incredible. Loved the post because I'm starting gaining weight this year, I've always paid tons of money to the gym but I just use the sauna, the swimming pool etc. I need to get my ass on that tapis roulant.

  15. OMG Congratulations! You look fabulous. Thanks for opening up and sharing this with your readers :)

  16. woow congratulations, you look amazing!!! what an inspiration!!


  17. This is a very inspiring post, well done sweet! you look fabulous.

  18. You rock girl! That was a tough one! You're story plus the before and after pictures are very inspiring. Your strong determination and discipline pays off well with good features and good health you have now. Keep it up, girl! And go touch everyone with your weight loss journey!

  19. Congrats!!!!You did fabolous. Thanks for the great resource. Keep it up.

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