Dress Up TopShop

Top Shop came out with a collection of dresses meant for a nights out or special occasions. These dresses are absolutely stunning. They would look gorgeous on anyone. The 3rd, 4th, and 7th dresses could even be worn casually as pictured. They are however a little pricey. Averaging around $200 for a dress. However, the cost and wear factor would outweigh the price. I would be tempted to wear any of these dresses every special evening event I go to! They are also holding a contest you can enter to win a dress each month for a year. Now, that would be awesome, especially because they are coming from Top Shop!

You can shop for the dresses, HERE

Would you buy any of these dresses?



  1. Gorgeous, love the sparkly dresses!

  2. I love the last dress with the sequined shoulder pads, AND the headband with the bunny-ear things. I just got one from colette malouf, I can't wait to post on my blog. (but, its one of those things I would never really wear in real life...!)



  3. OMG! how funny, I was just viewing TopShop last week and saw the lovely sequins dress #1 = I love it!


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