Polyvore Outfit of the Week- Rain Season

Rain Season

Spring is here and that brings sunshine and warmer weather, but also rain. Here is what to wear on a rainy day! You want to make sure to wear a rain resistant trench coat and rain boots. Buy an umbrella that is bright and fun so that despite the dark stormy weather you will remain cheerful. Wear jeans and a shirt that is made out of cotton or polyester. These fabrics will keep you warm and also dry. I always wear my hair up on days that it rains. That way if my hair does get wet it won't get ruined. I chose pretty hair accessories to spice up the look. Also wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Don't want your makeup to run!
And don't forget to wear bright colors and fun prints to cheer yourself up amongst that dark Grey sky! :)

What do you wear on a rainy day?


  1. Thankfully the rainy season in LA is winter.... we get a little in spring, but not much.

    BUT I love a cute pair of rainboots.... something to make me smily on a gloomy day!

  2. it's been painfully hot already in Bangkok...it seems like last week it was freezing cold because of the cold breeze from the south...

    I love the colorful rainboots...


  3. Hi,thanks for entering my Prada sunglasses giveaway, Color is a must for this Spring:))




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