Polyvore Outfit of the Week- Theme Park Essentials

Theme Park Essentials

This summer we will be outdoors more, enjoying the sun. One of the occasions will possibly be at a theme park, water park or some type of adventure park. When you go the last thing you want to be is...uncomfortable.
What to wear to a theme park you may ask? Wear a very casual outfit, like the shorts and tank top above. Wear a swimming suit underneath your clothes if you are to go on rides that you might get wet or soaked. I hate it when my undergarments get wet because they feel very uncomfortable. You don't want that! If you must wear undergarments, wear bra's and panties made out of cotton. Cotton has good absorption and will dry quickly.
Wear minimal jewelry. You don't want to loose that precious necklace of yours! Wear a waterproof watch so that you can keep on eye on time.
For a handbag, keep things simple. Wear a cross body handbag. Just bring the minimal items you need. Wear shoes that have a little bit of a wedge like the ones above. Trust me, your feet will thank me. Wearing flat shoes with no support will make your feet sore and tired by the end of the day. And don't wear thongs or shoes where you have that little strip going between your toes, you might get blisters. That would be no good.

Don't forget to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner, sun glasses, and sunscreen!

Will you be going to a theme park this summer? And what are your theme park essentials? Share and let everyone know!


  1. I would add: get a second pair of clothes to change!!! I am not a big fan of adventure parks...I got a large dose when I was a teenager, so no I get nowhere near a rollercoaster! Water is fun though! and I believe it is better to change clothes afterwards than let the ones you wear air-dry (you might catch a cold)!


  2. these are perfectly my theme park essentials...I did bring almost everything in this list except for the swimwear and the mascara hahahaha




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