Wedding Bells: Vogue UK May 2011

Whenever I come across wedding editorials that have unique and interesting wedding gowns I am in love. The detailing on the dresses are amazing. I really like the champagne dress with the extra tulle and feathering details. This would be perfect for the non-traditionalist bride. I love how the models are standing among our heroes of our nation and then have a look on their face like they are not there. It makes an interesting and yet entertaining editorial.
The flowers in their hair are stunning. I have never really wanted to wear a veil on my wedding day and would much rather wear flowers in my hair. Veils for some reason look too formal to me. I have always wanted just a simple, elegant wedding.

Would you wear any of these on your wedding day (for those who are single/engaged)?



  1. I'm totally loving that second gown! I wore a veil for the ceremony, but I wore it with a flower that I then wore alone for the reception.

  2. What an interesting editorial! I put on a veil with my gown because it was a set that was passed down by my mother in law from her wedding, and I thought I would carry the tradition haha. Just flowers in your hair sounds fun and carefree. I wouldn't have minded doing that too!

  3. cool post! these wedding dresses are pretty awesome. makes me wonder what kate middleton will be wearing on her wedding day next week. :)

  4. those dresses are ahhhhh-mazing! Makes me want to get married all over again! xo


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