Celebrity Fashion Weekly Edition

How to get this look for all under $100!

Dress: Planet Gold Dress, Sleeveless Striped Tank Maxi Dress for $22.99 at Macy's
Handbag: Brooke Tote for $58 at Shop Suey
Sandals: Port Jelly Sandal for $10 at Payless

Total outfit: $91!

I have always admired striped maxi dresses but too afraid to try them as I fear that they will make me look bigger than I am. Kim Kardashian looks stunning here. The maxi dress fits her perfectly. To add some color to this outfit wear that red lip or nails.
To take this into the evening, wear with stiletto heels and pile on the gold jewelry! Oh, and trade in the handbag for a sleek black clutch.

What do you think of Kim's outfit? I love it!


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  1. this look is dead-on! well done!!!


  2. she is gorgeous and how can she managed to look so super slim and sexy with those stripes???


  3. yea a lot of us are having issues with our Followers widget not showing up.

    anyway, i think you did a great job on this. i love that tote!

  4. Love her style, and especially this dress. My favorite maxi is striped, but it's black and grey, a lot less eye-catching. I feel like it slims me out rather well as opposed to the Breton top that makes me look broader. But I think maybe the low neckline (and racer back, I'm guessing?) help give those stripes on Kim some shape. Loving the one you picked out, too!


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