Fashion Around the World Series: India

Kolkata Fashion Week

Traditional Indian Jewelry with the traditional Henna Tattoos on their hands.

Traditional wedding wear- It is traditional to wear red on a women's wedding day. This is one gorgeous wedding gown!

I just love her makeup and the bright blue jewelry!

Indian Fashion Week

Traditional Indian footwear

The Banjara Tribe - loving all the bright and fun prints and colors!

This is my second installment to the fashion around the world series. If you aren't familiar, I will be presenting fashion around the world by country. This week I am presenting India.

India's fashion is very unique and all their own. They are not afraid to wear excessive jewelry and bold colors. Prints and beaded embellishments are always incorporated in their clothing. What astonishes me is they can wear all that jewelry and still look gorgeous! I love Indian jewelry, if you want "bling" look for this type of jewelry.

With taking these photos for inspiration, be bold and wear excessive jewelry but in the right way as shown above. Wear jewel toned colors with fun prints. Don't be afraid to pile on the jewelery!

Do you love Indian fashion?

And if you want me to feature a specific country next let me know (I was thinking about splitting South America in two next)!



  1. Those are more familiar to me cos India is my neighbor country....great work my doll Heidie....Good luck...KIT

  2. Absolutely stunning images! I love the one with the blue jewelry.

  3. the bright blue jewelry is beautiful!


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