Limited Edition Festival Collection: Miss Selfridge

I am swooning over this limited edition collection from Miss Selfridge. Everything is so amazingly beautiful, delicate and feminine. The clothing a little pricey but the detailing and quality is well worth it, in my opinion. My top favorites are the pink kimono cardigan and the floral over-sized blouse in the fifth picture.

You can shop for the collection: HERE

What do you think of this collection? Would you buy any of these pieces?



  1. These are so pretty. I definitely found a few things I'd love to have... now lets see how much they are! Thanks for entering my giveaway so many times!!

    xx Kara

  2. Oh my goodness; I would kill for any of these pieces. Each and every one is just too beautiful to describe!


  3. Gorgeous! I love Miss Selfridge, but I hadn't seen this collection yet. Loving that floor-length orange number!


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