Outfit of the Day: Tribal Details

Today's Outfit:
Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: Old Navy
Belt: Wet Seal
Shoes: Ebay
Bracelets: Forever21

The background in the pictures above are located just outside our apartment complex. We live right next to the country, which I love! Now that the weather is getting warmer, and the grass greener I want to take more pictures here. My boyfriend took these pictures, he is a much better person photographer than I am (haha). I am loving his camera- it has worked out great for us both. :)
My favorite above is the one on the road. We had about 30 seconds to take this picture! I think that is the fastest we had to take a picture (lol).
This blouse was my favorite purchase (besides the maxi skirts) from Forever21. It is quite comfortable and the quality is amazing for Forever21. I love it!



  1. You look gorgeous, dear! Loving the tribal flair, and of course that backdrop. I live just a few minutes' drive from that sort of country setting. Maybe someday I'll get up the nerve to go out there with a camera? Who knows! There are some gorgeous hills around here and just over the border into Iowa that make me think of Jane Austen. The country can have so much character sometimes!

  2. that top is precious. it looks so authentic and handmade i never would have guessed it was f21!


  3. I love your top and the background is perfect xxx

  4. I love your blouse. The detailing along the neckline is just fabulous and I would have never guessed it was from Forever 21, very impressive and great find. Love your photos. Wonderful scenery.

  5. nice top, love the background!!

  6. aww I love the lining of your top my dear...you look so happy I miss you!!!


  7. loooove that belt and those cool little details on the shirt! cute shoes too. want to follow each other? :)

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