What Spring Means to Me: FTF Event

It is such an honor to belong to Kristy's Full Time Fabulous Community. There are so many great bloggers in the community and I enjoy reading each and every one of their posts. This month's event theme is on Spring. Spring is a time of renewal and welcoming those warmer days! Spring is the season next to my favorite season of the year, summer. It gets me excited for the warmer weather and no more cold days!

Here is what spring means to me:

Spring for me means time to go to our favorite places. We love going to Lithia Park (upper left), and the little trail that is next to the highway. We also are only about 3 hours away from the coast and these two spots are our favorite places. We visited Gold Beach (lower right) on our 3 month anniversary over 3 years ago and it holds a special place in my heart.

This picture is from last year when I celebrated my 80 pound weight loss. When spring began I welcomed a new body and I started to experiment different styles......

spring style

As the year went by I found my style, which is a bit bohemian and country combined. All the clothes above I would totally wear for spring. I love wearing maxi skirts and dresses, and the free flowing tops. Love exotic and tribal jewelry too. Before the weight loss I don't think I would ever try this style. I am happy to finally find my style. Though I am sure my style will evolve over time.

So that is what spring means to me!

What does spring mean to you?



  1. The nature photos are so pretty; it's so nice that you live so close to nature. Love the pieces you chose for your collage too - especially those bracelets!

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing your point of view dear x

  3. How fun to be so close to such beautiful places! They seem like great locations for outfit photos too! Lovely post, Heidi!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss- looking good! OMG I love all the pieces you picked out... making me want to shop now!

  5. Beautiful post, chickadee! You live in such a gorgeous place. I've always lived in suburban towns with very little character and nature so someday I'd like to live by a nice lake or something like that.

    And I love your style, it's so fresh and in a way it's very spring-like itself. (:

  6. The maxi-halter styled dress has such a beautiful colour= I love! what a triumph with the weight loss, that alone is worth a massive spring celebration, you look amazing! Spring makes me happy & I cannot wait for fun concerts and bbq's with friends. -xo
    Madison of FASHION TALES

  7. Maxis will forever rock my world and that one is gorgeous!

  8. I looovvee sspring too! Spring means preparing the garden, colors, and finally being able to take of that dang heavy winter coat!!!! Congrats on your wight loss! You are an inspiration! <3 H

  9. It sounds like spring holds a special significance to you, dear. It's such a perfect time to embrace transitions and change. Happy spring to you!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  10. For me too spring=outdoors! Unfortunately this year I didn't manage to get as much outdoors!
    This Gold Beach you included in your pictures looks fantastic!!!

  11. I love how last year spring fully represented a new beginning for you - thanks for sharing xx

  12. this is such a great post about your weight loss journey and what spring means to you. and i love your polyvore set too Heidi!

  13. Your skirt! = AMAZING!

    Loving your blog darl! <3


  14. wow lady! how gorgeous are those areas you've taken pictures of!!! breath-taking!

    congratulations about your 80 pound weight loss darling!! i know it was last year, but i didn't know about it but that's really cool and you deserve the major props. you look amazing, happy, healthy and beautiful!! thanks for participating in the blog event. the FTF community is lucky to have you. =)

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  15. Awesome landscapes, especially Gold Beach.

    Congrats on your weight loss, I admire your discipline. I can't even manage to lose 8 pounds :-S

  16. 80 pounds? That is quite the feat! I'm just trying to loose 5 right now and I'm having a hard time. Congratulations! I'm sure you looked beautiful before and you look beautiful now.

  17. thank you for sharing. you make me want to share :D


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