Celebrity Fashion Weekly Edition

How to copy this look for under $100!:

Jeans: Boyfit Slouchy Jean for $29.50 at American Eagle (20% off this weekend).
Top: Relaxed Knit Top for $6.80 at Forever21
Handbag: Sienna Ricchi Lock it Satchal for $31.50 at Kohls
Shoes: Light Tan Faux Leather Lace Up Strappy Platform Heels for $32.99 at AMI Clubwear (35% off this weekend).
Hat: Basketweave Fedora with Filligree Trim for $6.50 at Forever21

Total Outfit: $88.80 (this is with the discounts listed above. Without it, it would be $107 total).

I usually don't like boyfriend jeans (particularly on me) but I loved this look on Eva. She was spotted wearing this outside of the grocery store. She looks effortlessly chic and ready for spring. My most favorite part of the outfit is the shoes and the handbag. The shoes I showed are so versatile that you could pair it literally with any outfit. They would sexy with a mini dress and chic with skinny jeans. Remember too that you can find many basics for quite at an inexpensive price such as the top at Forever21. I love Forever21 for those trendy and basic pieces!

What do you think of Eva's look? Would you wear this look?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Remember you can always ask me to feature a particular celebrity for my weekly editions! :)


  1. Oh, I love that look! I can't pull off the boyfriend jean look at all, but those shoes and bag are gorgeous. You're so good at finding inexpensive alternatives!

  2. I would totally wear this look! good job on finding the look for less!


  3. Soooo gorgeously amazing. I love this look. I must remember to toss on a fedora for my next day grocery shopping! I love your looks-for-less!


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