Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook

I am very impressed with Louboutin's fall 2011 lookbook. It is very artistic, dramatic, dark and quite unique. I have never seen anyone do a lookbook like this. I especially love it because every picture looks like it was painted in the past and uses historical detailing. I really like how all the models in the paintings look relaxed and casual without really noticing that they are holding a pair of shoes or accessory. All these pictures are painted too, making it look vintage and authentic. I really like the feel of the paintings.

What do you think of Louboutin's fall lookbook?



  1. It's a very creative clever! You almost forget to look at the shoe/bag! ; D Love it, CL never disappoints.

  2. Louboutin’s Emancipated Breast: AFRICA IS A COUNTRY

    I should be happy that it’s not only white women who are represented in Louboutin’s spread. But the take on Marie-Guilleme Benoit’s “Portrait d’une Negresse” – where (you guessed it) a seated young, black woman poses for the painter, an exposed breast slipping out of Grecian folds of cloth – is a problematic choice. People like to argue that because this portrait was painted six years after slavery was abolished, and because the painter is a woman, it is an iconic image of emancipation: for black people as well as for women. We’re supposed to see “The Negresse” as an embodiment of steely determination and femininity (one would have to steel oneself, if one was asked to pose in a compromised manner by a white painter, a handful of years after the legal end of slavery). And the fact that the painting was acquired by Louis XVIII ’for France’ in 1818 may tell you something interesting, too.

    I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t need to expose a boob in order to celebrate my emancipation from forced labour. Looks more like Benoit’s exploring and exploiting a well-known trope: desire and revulsion projected onto the Dark Other.
    Black Hamlets and White Othellos are now passé, so Alex Wek could have posed in any of these other ‘looks’. Of all the possible paintings that the artistic director of Louboutin’s Fall Lookbook could have picked, one in which a black model could pose, why pick the one with the liberated breast?


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