Fashion Around the World Series: Indonesia

Jakarta Fashion Week

Jember Fashion Festival

Jember Fashion Festival

Kebaya- traditional wear among Indonesians

India Fashion Week

Sebastian Gunawan- Indonesian Designer

Hijab- Another local designer

Traditional Wedding Wear

Dayak Tribe

This week's fashion around the world series is on Indonesia. I was blown away with the details and designs featured in Indonesia. Not only the colors and patterns are beautiful but the head wear is just stunning! The attention to detail is simply amazing. They are not afraid of color, sparkle and embellishments, lots of embellishments. Like I said, I am most impressed with the head wear. Especially the one worn in Indonesia fashion week and the traditional wedding. That had to be one grand wedding, it must of been so beautiful!
Islam fashion is becoming popular, as I have read while searching for photos. As you can see above there is Islamic features in the garments. Also I learned that Indonesia is a Muslim-Majority country, with 87 percent people identifying themselves as Muslim. I learned something new today!

This can provide so much inspiration. Next time wear some bright colors, with lots of jewels. Wear some jewels in your hair or a colorful scarf in your hair.

What do you think of fashion in Indonesia?



  1. looks amazing, so colourful and soooo much gold!

  2. that kebaya is awesome! i'm enjoying all the embellishments and the colors. :)


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