Outfit of the Day: Feather Necklace

Outfit details:
Blouse: Macy's
Shorts: American Eagle
Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Payless
Sunglasses: Wet Seal

Today was a gorgeous day out so we took the opportunity to go to our favorite park. We always enjoy going here and it makes wonderful background pictures. The last picture I tried a serious face! (haha). I am usually smiling so I thought I would try a different face, I think it came out OK! Also I got this necklace last month. I thought wearing it with this shirt would create great contrast. I think it looked great!

Afterward we went to go see Super 8. The movie was directed from the maker of LOST. I highly recommend to anyone who loved/enjoyed LOST. It had amazing special effects and kids that could actually act. Highly recommend! :)

How was your weekend? See any good movies?



  1. that last photo is absolutely stunning!


  2. you looks beautiful!love your necklace!!!i got feather earings hihi :)

    kisses <3

  3. yay! summer. love denim shorts look. And that last photo is so adorable.

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  4. You go girl! You totally rock the serious face look! I'm so glad you tried it :)

    The necklace is beautiful and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! My husband saw it but I think I'm going to wait until it's on Blu-Ray.

  5. That necklace adds a superb pop of color to your look!

  6. You look gorgeous! I'm crazy about those sunglasses. Your serious face picture is beautiful - I love your smile, too, though. I always love seeing bloggers smile! So many try to look serious and come off as angst-ridden. You do serious and smiley perfectly. Must be nice to be so pretty all the time! ;)

  7. I am in love with the last photo...great shot my dear!!!! and I love your feather necklace...just perfect!!!


  8. I love these photos! that necklace is great. Nice blog


  9. I love your look very much! I absolutely adore feathers! Last year I made a feathered necklace and I like wearing it!
    I saw Super 8 too. I agree that the kids can act very well. As for the storyline, I can't say I was particularly impressed as it's not "new"!



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