Rita and Zia Jewelry Collection

I was contacted by Marie Saeki PR in New York to promote this gorgeous jewelry collection, Rita and Zia. I was very impressed with the brand and the designs. They are unique, fun and a little bohemian. I am loving the elephant cuff and the feather necklace! I am huge jewelry fan because accessories can make an outfit and who says you can't have enough accessories?

The designs are made from a woman named Sandrine Barabinot. This collection started in 2005 where it was her dream to create products that also served as lucky charms. The collection includes semi precious stones, precious woods, gold and silver. They carry necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Different sizes, colors and materials are also available so there is something for everyone!

I also learned that there is meanings to the lucky charms. For example:
The Hand= Protection
The Snake= Fertility
The Camellia= Beauty
The Elephant= Power
The Native American= Wisdom
The Tiger= Strength
The Skull= Purity of the soul

You can check out her store and her other collections online!

What do you think of Rita and Zia's collection?



  1. I'm also impressed with this extraordinary jewelry collection, Rita and Zia! These accessories are unique, fun and very lovely! I really like that feather necklace!!!

  2. I adore the second one...xxx


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