Yolan Cris 2011 Coleccion Alquimia

I was browsing bohemian wedding gown images on Google when I came across this Spanish Wedding Dress designer. These gowns are absolutely amazing and captivating. These dresses would be perfect for that non-traditionalist bride. It would be great for a bride who wants a dress that is different, one of a kind and a little "vintage-y". Any of these would be perfect for the beach too as they have a laid back, breezy style.

I could totally see myself wearing one of these dresses on my wedding day. I have always wanted just a simple wedding. Just the closest ones to me there right on the beach. I think this style also suits me very well. though I think if I was going to get something similar I would get thicker shoulder straps so that I could wear a bra/corset.

Would you wear any of these wedding dresses (if you haven't already gotten married)?



  1. gorgeous gorgeous dresses!!! love them all!!

  2. Absolutely stunning...each and every one!

  3. ooooh so magical and breathtaking! i love the 1920's flapper elements and overall dreamy flower child vibe! =)


  4. These are STUNNING....absolutely AMAZING!! I love them all The first photo is an absolute dream. Honestly, already married, but I would totally wear most of these to a formal event?! Am I crazy? FABULOUS post...thank you so much!!!


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