Celebrity Fashion Weekly Edition

How to copy this look for all under $100!:

Dress: A line animal print dress for $30 at Charolette Russe
Cardigan: Fall Slub Cardigan for $6.80 at Forever21
Shoes: Peep Toe Leatherette Platforms for $22.80 at Forever21
Handbag: Parinda Freesia Handbag for $27.99 at Ebags.com (20% off through the weekend only)

Total Price: $87.59!

Jessica's look is so adorable. Perfect for a day out shopping and even work! Just swap the shoes for black pumps if you have to wear closed toe shoes. To add some color to this outfit wear a bright bold necklace or bracelet. If you want to go softer, wear red or bold pink lips. This outfit is so easy to take into the evening too! Just take off the cardigan and swap the clog heels for a pair of black heels. Just throw on some chunky jewelry and carry a silver clutch.

What do you think of Jessica's look?



  1. In today's world mostly celebrities and other well fashioned girls care about their handbags. replica handbags are also attractive.

  2. I love this outfit, Jessica always looks so gorgeous! =)

  3. i actually like the Charlotte Russe dress and the F21 heels much better than what Jessica is wearing. :)

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    I'm follow you back!!

  5. I love this outfit! I adore the shoes the most

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  7. Nice looking. Your blogging style really praiseworthy.

  8. Smart outfit. I am going to design my own but with some different colors. Thanks for sharing such cool stuff with us.


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