Celebrity Fashion Weekly Edition

This week's celebrity fashion edition is on the newlywed, Kate Middleton!

How to copy this look for all under $100!:

Jeans: Fab Contrast Stitch Skinny Jean for $10.50 at Forever21
Shirt: Stretchy Safari Shirt for $36.95 at New York and Company
Shoes: Surf Moc for $19.99 at Payless
Belt: Interlocked Leatherette Belt for $7.80 at Forever21

Total Outfit: $75.24!

I found this look from one of the people I follow on twitter. I thought this look was super adorable as well as being casual but also well put together. Kate always looks professional and well dressed. This would even transfer well into the fall. To take this look into the evening, trade the shirt for a Cami or tank top, put on some jewels, and trade the shoes for pumps. And your ready to dance the night away!

What do you think of Kate's look?


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  1. I love Kate's outfit, skinny jeans are really wonderful. And yet again, I don't like her figure here. Look at those hips and waist. It's said her waist now is smaller than 24.

    I love those flats too.


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