Fashion Around the World Series: Cambodia and Laos


Khmer Fashion

Khmer Fashion

Khmer Loeu Tribe

Buddhists in Cambodia. Buddhism is the primary religion in Cambodia.

Traditional wedding wear in Cambodia.


Laos Fashion Week

Traditional Laos Fashion

Wedding makeup and accessories in Laos

This week's fashion around the world series is on Cambodia and Laos. Cambodia and Laos is very much like the fashion in Thailand. Though they have some notable differences. Such as the Khmer dress, which is only seen in Cambodia. It reminds me of the prom dresses we wore to our prom. Because Laos and Thailand are so close together, the same tribes live in both countries. And because of that many of the tribes have the same fashion. Bright, beautiful colors with bold patterns, and it makes the clothing pop amongst the jungle background.

What do you think of the fashion in Cambodia and Laos?



  1. I really like this a lot! It is good to showcase other parts of the world and their culture. I am glad you did it the right and respectful way! Amazing blog love!


  2. Lovly dresses!
    I realy enyoj seeing the fashion from other parts of the world! :-D
    / Ida

  3. those are just beautiful colors! love the fashion.

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