Fashion Around the World Series: Thailand

Thailand Fashion Week

Bangkok Fashion Week

Bangkok Fashion Week

Thailand Street Wear

I love this women's jacket and dress. Glamorous!

Bangkok Street Wear

These two girls outfits are so adorable. Casual and chic. I love their shoes and handbags.

Chiang Mai Hill Tribe, also known as the long neck tribe. I have watched a documentary on this tribe and from the time the women is a child they wear this neck wear. It is so incredible, and they say it doesn't even hurt! It looks like it would hurt to me!

Thailand's northern tribe. These children are just adorable, I had to share this picture!

Akha Hill Tribe

Akha Hill Tribe

Traditional Thai wedding

This week's fashion around the world series is Thailand. As you can tell by now I am covering Asia and then I will start migrating towards Europe. I find with most Asian countries that the fashion is colorful, unique and daring.

Thailand's fashion is no exception. Their fashion is absolutely stunning. They are not afraid to take risks and to be daring with their fashion. Thai weddings, from what I have researched is that the bride can wear any colored dress, though they don't usually choose black. They often choose the color that shows off their personality; or the color from the week they were born or the day they got engaged or to get married. It must be such freedom to wear any color dress on your wedding day! I have always wanted the color pink or yellow in my wedding gown.

I am also amazed by all the color and patterns that the tribes integrate in their daily wear. The head pieces from the shoes are elaborately designed and nothing like it elsewhere. The hours it must take to make those clothes, headpieces and neck wear! Amazing.

What do you think of Thailand's fashion?


P.S. I am planning on having next week's series on Laos and Cambodia. Then Vietnam and after that The Philippines and Taiwan. Only a few more countries after that and I will be finished with Asia!


  1. I really like the fashion around the world posts! The second pic is so beautiful x

  2. Fashion is different in different places of worlds, but the All worlds fashions are awesome. People wear such an different types of clothes in different places and these all are part of fashionable world.

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  4. oh the photo from bangkok fashion week is awesome--such a lovely outfit. and the long neck tribes (both in asia and africa) are so interesting.

  5. I love Thailand...everything about it...their culture...their style and their creativity...

    you should visit Thailand one day babe!!!!



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