Fashion Around the World Series: Vietnam

Vietnam Fashion Week

Vietnam Fashion Week

Vietnam Street Fashion- I love her skirt! The lace detailing is exquisite!

This is such a chic look. I love the simplicity yet trendy appeal to this outfit.

Ao Dai- Traditional wear in Vietnam

Another look at Ao Dai clothing

A traditional wedding at Vietnam

Sapa Tribe

Sapa Tribe

This week's fashion around the world series is on Vietnam. Vietnam definitely has a unique fashion all on it's own. Its fashion is vibrant, colorful and extraordinary. The wedding picture is just gorgeous. Everyone looks so lovely and the bride and groom looks amazing with their traditional clothing. The Ao Dai reminds me of a dress that would be worn during the Renaissance. Gorgeous dresses! The Sapa's tribe clothing is so colorful and they are not afraid to mix patterns! They are amazing designers.

What do you think of Vietnam's fashion?


P.S. Next week will be on The Philippines and Taiwan!


  1. funny post! I love the pictures! Different kind of fashion

  2. i love reading about international fashion. it give me new knowledge. :D I really like their cute little hats and how everything is soooo colorful!

    I just came across your blog today! Very LOVELY. :D


  3. Not quite my style but always amazing to see what others are wearing, especially when it's cultural.

    We started a new fashion linky so please join us each Monday!

  4. What incredibly vibrant colors can be found in looks in Vietnam!


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