I am the Guest Editor on thisnext.com!

Hello everyone! I am so ecstatic and honored to be featured as the Guest Editor this week on thisnext.com. If you don't know already what This Next is, it is a social shopping network where members recommend products and create lists of their favorite items or finds. I have been really loving this site, and making my own little fashion shopping guides. It can be quite fun and a little addicting. You can even make shopping guides for your favorite beauty and home decor! Which can also be as equal exciting. There is such great inspiration on this website, it is well worth checking out.

You can look at all my recommendations right on the Facebook page, HERE.

Also you can visit my profile, HERE. And if you haven't already done so, make sure to sign up and start sharing your favorite fashion items!

I hope you like my recommendations for the summer and don't forget to share this with all your friends!


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