JcPenny's Pennies From Heaven

On July 21st JcPenny came out with a program named Pennies from Heaven. Pennies from Heaven is affiliated with Afterschool Alliance. According to this non-profit agency every one out of every four students in the United States is unsupervised after school every day. Which can lead to problems, and some of them can be dangerous. Having activities for children after school will significantly help children from participating in dangerous activities or falling behind in their studies.

What can you do to support this action? Well, customers in this program collect virtual pennies and donate virtual pennies through various digital activities. Once JcPenny reaches 100 million virtual pennies they will donate $1 million to the afterschool cause.

You can collect virtual pennies by:
  • Sending a “lucky penny” to friends on Facebook using a customized application.
  • Watching the pennies from heaven commercial video.
  • Downloading the pennies from heaven ringtone.
  • Liking JcPenney on Facebook or following jcpenney on Twitter and.
  • Checking into a JcPenney store on Foursquare.
Also, beginning on July 31st customers can start donating in stores. When you purchase the limited edition coin purse by Olsenboye for $9.99, 100% of that sale will be donated to the Pennies for Heaven campaign.

Support our education system and start donating virtual pennies today!


Note: I was contacted by JcPenny to share this campaign with you. I am not being compensated.


  1. Oh darling, thank you so much for your comment, you are too sweet!!! I'm happy you liked all details!
    Congrats 4 this fabulous enterprise

  2. so sweet of you that you're helping with sharing this message! x


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