Lounging at the Pool: FTF Event 7/13

This month's Full Time Fabulous blog event is focused on a beach theme. We live near many lakes but we are 3 hours away from the ocean. We have a little pool in our apartment complex and thought it would do, since bathing suits do relate to the ocean and beach! Here are the pictures I have taken:

Outfit Details:

Swimming Suit: Old Navy
Hat: Payless
Shoes: DSW
Sunglasses: Wet Seal

This is my first time ever wearing this bathing suit and not being shy to show off my body since my weight loss. I am still not ready to wear a bikini, I don't have a perfect body and I am fine with that. I also have stretch marks from the weight loss, which can be quite annoying and hard to conceal. I am also proud to tell you that I have not photo-shopped one single photo here, this is the real me, what you see is what you get. (haha). You can definitely see my curves shining through here.

Anyways, don't forget to check out the other FTF blogs and their posts today for the event! I have been really enjoying participating in the community every month and look forward to the next event!

You can view Kristy's (the person behind FTF) blog, HERE.



  1. This is such a very honest and wonderful post...I absolutely agree with you my dear...we need to accept our own flaws and love ourselves for who we are :)

    wonderful suit you got their Heidi and you absolutely look great :)


  2. You look great Heidi! I love the heels with this bathing suit especially! Good for you for not editing these photos! I love that about you :)

  3. i love everything about this--your bathing suit, your wedges and your hat. i have a pool nearby so that's what I did my FTF post on too!

    Also, please vote for me in the Style a Shape Contest if you haven't already - click this link and hit the 'Like' button for my look!

    Thank you!

  4. I like the bathing suit, you look great, and love you rocking the cute heels with the whole look. xo :)

  5. I'm really loving one piece suits right now! Great job on this month's theme!

  6. Good for you for posing in a bathing suit! You look fantastic, and you're definitely more brave than I. :)

  7. Love that suit, Heidi, and I love that you rocked your confidence and modeled it. You look stunning. And those shoes are gorgeous, too!

  8. i love your swimsuit so chic!!and the heels make it so sexy!!

    great look!!

    kisses <3

  9. Braaaavo! You really look stunning in that super classic one piece. I'm giving you a virtual high-five for feeling comfortable in your own skin.

  10. That is awesome!! I love that you proudly strut your stuff for this event :-)
    The bathing suit is amazing and I wish I was hanging out at a pool right now!

  11. sweetheart you look BEAUTIFUL! that suit is stunning, you wear it well, your confidence and happiness is radiating! i love what you wrote here as well and find it very inspiring. amazing post. thank you so much for participating this month!

    p.s. love love love that suit with that hat combined. so pretty!

  12. congrats on embrassing you and your curves, darling, you look great!! Keep up the great work.
    ps. im super jealous about the pool at your complex...

  13. You GO lady! You look beautiful!


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