Outfit of the Day: At the Lake

Outfit of the day details:
Dress and Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Wal-Mart
Sunglasses: Wet Seal

Today we went out to the lake near where we live. It was very warm out and there were a lot of people at the beach! I am glad I got some photos without tons of people in the background. I wore this maxi dress because is so very comfortable, light and airy. We also had a little picnic filled with pizza and bread-sticks. So yummy! It was definitely a great day.

What did you all do this weekend?



  1. That maxi is fabulous. Love the color!

  2. the color of the maxi suits you so well! like the addition of the necklace, too. x

  3. Love the color of the dress! It's very nice! For the past 2 years I'm thinking of getting a maxi dress...this year I got one, but unfortunately it's not intended for every day wear!
    Also I love your necklace! I've done a DIY feather necklace that I wear pretty often!

  4. Picnic by a lake sounds like a wonderful weekend! I had a relaxed weekend at home, just working on my blog.

    This pink maxi dress looks great on you! The color is perfect for your skin and hair color. I love how bohemian it looks with that necklace too, good job!


  5. I saw that maxi dress at Forever 21 recently! It looks so good on you :) I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend!

  6. really love the feather necklace. would love to go to a lake and have a breadsticks picnic!

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  7. This outfit is fabulous - I adore the color :)

  8. Nice pink maxi dress!!
    You so beautiful..
    I like your style,very muchi..


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