Fashion Around the World Series: Korea (North and South)

Korean Fashion Week

Korean Fashion Week

Korean Fashion Week

Korean Street Fashion. I am loving this girl's coat and boots! Gorgeous!

Korean Street Fashion. Her white dress is country chic with a touch of boho, I love it!

Korean Street Fashion

Traditional Korean wedding dress.

Traditional Korean Dress- the Hanbok.

This week's fashion around the world series is on Korea. Korea should wrap up most of Asia. Next week will be Russia! I am very excited to feature that next week. Anyways, Korean fashion is unique and fun. Just like Japan they are not afraid to take risks and show off their love of fashion. The traditional clothing is amazing. The sheer detailing is exquisite and the detailing is amazing.

What do you think of Korean fashion?



  1. Absolutely LOVE this post! Korean fashion is so edgy & colorful & fun! The street style is amazing. Great post!
    Dressology HQ

  2. Great post!

  3. How fun! I love seeing the traditional and modern mixed together. I love Korean street style!

  4. very beautiful traditional korean dress and very fashionable and progressive fashion shows.
    do visit my blog, would love a comment from you too. thanks for fb friendship- wan from malaysia

  5. I love Korean Hanbok, they are so pretty!

  6. how i wish i could go back to korean again. they have lots of cool fashion that i want to try it in myself. :(

    Uniformpoint | industrial workwear


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