Fashion Around the World Series: The Philippines and Taiwan


The Philippines Fashion Week

The Philippines Fashion Week

The Philippines Fashion Week

The Philippines Fashion Week

T'Boli Tribe


Taiwan designer Johan Ku

Street Fashion In Taiwan

Taiwan Fashion Week

This week's fashion around the world series is on The Philippines and Taiwan. The fashion in the Philippines and Taiwan is very trendy, colorful and unique. Everyone has their own style and every style is bright and tropical. I find the fashion much like the rest of Asia, that they are not afraid to take risks and to display their love for fashion. The designer Johan Ku in Taiwan is amazing. The designs are exquisite. To make clothing completely out of knit takes a lot of talent. I have never seen any other designs like it making it a one of a kind.
Tribal fashion in general fascinate me simply because of the time and effort they make to create the clothing and jewelry. The T'boli tribe is no exception. The designs are amazing!

What do you think of the fashion The Philippines and Taiwan?



  1. i love the Philippine fashion show. the feather accessories are wonderful.

  2. i love them both, the philippine show had more cutural vibe to it, so colorful!

  3. Heidi! I really appreciated your input on my post today! I commented back to you on there.


    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


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