Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's

My top 8 picks from the Karl Lagerfeld collection for Macy's:

Karl Lagerfeld will be debuting his collection at Macy's on August 31st. The collection will range from $50 to $170. This makes the collection very affordable and accessible to everyone. I was excited for the collection as soon as I heard about it. Though after looking at it, I am a little disappointed with the collection. I was hoping for more, more "spark". I was looking for more color and the designs aren't exactly my style. Though there are some great classic pieces here that will work great in anyone's wardrobe. My favorite is the scarf in the last picture, very lovely.

You can view the rest of the collection, HERE.

What do you think of Karl Lagerfeld's collection for Macy's?



  1. I love the collection for Macys! Not exactly my style either but i love it! I'll definitely have to purchase a few items ;)


  2. You picked great ones. Love the first two dresses x

    ps I'm sorry for writing this here, but would you please vote for me HERE by clicking "stem"? I neeeed your votes. I really appreciate it, you're the best <3

  3. i definitely want to get the floral dress, the brown jacket or the high waisted grey shorts!

  4. I love all the awesome bracelets and hand jewelry! =)


  5. I had absolutely NO idea about this collaboration! Going to check the full collection out now!

  6. I don't really see a lot of sparkle on this, but I would like more bold colors. The asymmetry and the sharp edginess of this collection is definitely my type! It's kind of futuristic or mod, don't you think? I'll have to tumble some of these!


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